Sunday, May 8

Happy Mother's Day

Hoje é o dia das mães...
Infelizmente não tive tempo $$$ para comprar o presente da mamãe, sabe... But com certeza, assim que possível ela receberá da filhinha aqui! ^^
Aconteceu uma coisa chata ontem... É que ainda não contei pra minha mom que realmente decidi fazer o intercâmbio ano que vem, porque estava me preparando e esperando o momento certo chegar, but meu irmão dedo duro, contou tudo pra ela! ={ Pois é, foi super chato, porque ficou parecendo que estava escondendo e planejando coisas ruins pro meu futuro =[ Fiquei e estou chateada com o ocorrido... Agora ficou mais difícil pra começar uma conversa positiva e sei lá se ela vai concordar e me apoiar, vamos ver neh =\ Só o tempo dirá... But, de resto, foi tudo bem, comemoramos com um almoço em família! =]

Sunday, May 1

My letter

Dear Host Family...
My name is Gisella and I'm 23 years old.  
I was born and I live in the city of Indaiatuba, in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil. I live with my mother, Marli (50) and my brother, Rodrigo (20). My father passed away a few years ago. My mother and my brother are great examples of life for me. My family is so lovable and I really enjoy when we're able to be together at home.  
I can describe myself as a girl with an open mind, calm, caring, honest, sincere and organized. I like music and reading. During the weekends I like to go to the mall and I love watching movies. I like all kinds of sports.  
I got a degree in Childhood Education in 2009 and from 2008 to 2010 I worked as a kindergarten teacher at School Zip-Zap, teaching children between 11 months and 3 years old. In my daily routine I was responsible for creating new games and developing recreational activities for them to release all their energy. I was also responsible for hygiene and nutrition and used to read some stories to them at “bedtime”. I loved this job because I love caring for children and also because there I met my boyfriend, he is the uncle of two children who were my students; Milenne, which was my student in 2008 and Brian, who was my student in 2009 and 2010. The four of us go out for walks in parks on Sundays, riding a bike on streets and go to the movies at the mall.
During my college internship I’ve attended children swimming lessons in a gym and I taught children under 4 years old how to swim in a small swimming pool.
I’ve danced ballet for 15 years and I taught ballet for 5-year old girls at a gym.
During two years I took care of two students 2 and 3 years old on Saturday mornings at their homes. I woke them up, bathed, changed diapers, cleaned their room, playing, watching TV and cook lunch.
Currently I monitor children between 1 and 10 years old in a children's parties buffet, performing many fun activities together as the frequent birthday parties take place.
And I'm also a teacher's assistant in the 2nd grade at School Polo. The children are 7 years old and I follow in all activities implemented by the primary teacher, participated in the tours, recreation, classes of expert teachers, the lessons make corrections, give greater attention to students who have difficulty learning and follow with more affection an autism student, I make him feel included to all students. 
I have already documented 8000 hours of work with children. 
I believe that children can teach us many things: humbleness, simplicity and honesty, which are things I learn with them each and every day. I love to see a smile on the face of a child.
I've always liked to study. I just graduated in Education and I am going to get an associate degree in International Business at the end of this year (2011). 
I've never been abroad and decided to be an Au Pair in the United States because I hope it can help improving my English and my career. I think this is an ideal path for someone who loves children and is used to caring for them as myself.
I think it's very interesting and fascinating to be an Au Pair to discover and learn about the different parts of the United States, to be able to learn new cultures and try new challenges in my life, so I can grow more as a responsible and independent person. 
I want to do my best in my work, developing my tasks with perfection and studying hard. I had a beautiful happy childhood, and I want to convey this to the children that I care.
You can rest assure that you will get the best of me for your children and that my year as an Au Pair will be rewarding and positively memorable for us all.
I'm eager to find out what it really is to be part of an American Family.
I do hope I can be of great assistance!

Best Regards,