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ex Au Pair, 2º mês | BRASIL ♥

♥ Brazil!!!
Yes, I finally went to Brazil =D I have to start this post talking about the most amazing trip of the past 30 months of my life! As you know from my last post, I was hoping for Mike to join me on this trip... 
He was as much excited than I was and he would have gone with me if his boss had not needed him for a new project in the last second :( Mike had to give up the trip. We both got very upset because everything was so ready for us to leave... On the other hand, we were also very happy because in this new project Mike became the boss, he got promoted!
Anyways, I couldn't give up so here I go!
It was Sunday afternoon, Mike took me to JKF airport and from there I flew to Rio de Janeiro with an important mission: to get my student visa.
The 10 hours on the plane didn't go as fast as I thought it would've.. but at least I didn't get disappointed with the meal, I ended up eating the whole dinner! I also liked my company, a polite Brazilian lady that agreed with me of never choosing a seat with a restroom behind you ever again Lol On the plane I also read a letter written for Carol Ann, my ex-Host Mom, she had given me that letter on the day I left their house *-*
Before 6am the plane landed on the most beautiful state of my home country... then I walked toward the baggage claim to get my luggage; passed through "Federal Police"; and found a taxi to take me to Hotel Carioca, a simple but nice hotel a half hour away from GIG airport but very close to the American Consulate. I had to go to CASV on Monday afternoon, this place is 15min away from the hotel I was in. The next morning, my interview happened in the consulate, only 5min away from the hotel. Well, I got my visa! The only question I got a little scared to answer was "How long has it been since you got here?" Of course my answer was "1 dayhaha Nothing happened, though. She was nice and/or that was my lucky day #thankGod
With my lucky Corinthians t-shirt back on I went on a 5min taxi ride to SDU airport to fly to VCP airport in my wonderful state of Sao Paulo! If you remember from my last post, I was planning to surprise my family by just showing up! The only person who knew the date I was coming was my friend Talita... she and her grandpa got me there around lunch time to his house where we had my first Brazilian lunch with Talita, her brother and their very sweet grandparents. (and Gorda "the dog")
I spent my afternoon with Talita. We first met in College in 2006 and we've been friends ever since. Talita and I also worked together in 2011 at Colégio Polo in our home town of Indaiatuba when we became close friends from that year on.
It was Talita's idea... to show up at my Mom's store like a regular costumer asking for a price of any jewelry there, so I did! =]
Talita, my brother and I
She tried to take a video of that special moment, however, her emotions talked louder than her actions when she thought she had pressed "rec" haha It's okay, I'm able to describe it ^-^ I was there, my Mom was there, my brother was there... We were together as a family once again! Actually, I can't describe it... I can just say: What an amazing feeling!!!
Welcome :)
That night was incredible, really, I got HOME =0 I saw my house, my bedroom, I ate my Mom's food =P OMG that was awesome, maybe the happiest day of my life Lol On the same night I went to my aunt Lena & uncle Dinho's house to say hello, they live only 2 houses away from ours and got very happy to see me *-* Then, back home, I enjoyed sleeping on my bed, in my bedroom!
The next day was already Wednesday the 13th, after having rested for the whole day, then visited my cousin Thaís and her family with her kids Duda and Joãzinho that are so big now... I went to a restaurant called Zé Ferreira to have a special birthday dinner with my friend Amanda! She was turning 23. We've known each other for a little over 4 years but it feels like we grew up together...
Amanda actually grew up with Jamily, they both went to school together and then, to College (my 2nd one), when I met them and became their "sister" as we call each other nowadays. Amanda and I visited Jamily on Thursday... she was home recovering from a motorcycle accident she had a week before =/ 
That's the reason she couldn't join us that night for Luan Santana's concert at Faici, a fun event that has been happening ever year during "winter time" in Indaiatuba since 1990.
Before the performance, we all watched a rodeo with some cowboys competing who stays longer on top of a bull.
I used to like Luan Santana's songs but I stopped listening to him after moving to America so, I didn't know most of the songs sang at his concert... Amanda's company and her friend Debora (who helped us to be at the VIP area) made that night exciting :*
The following day was supposed to be my Grandma's birthday. It was August 15th, the first one since she passed away. I went to the cemetery with her Mom; my Mom. We brought to her grave roses from her own yard. Senhorinha was my grandma's name and she went to heaven last February, while my Mom and I were meeting in Canada. I truly miss her... Well, I still have another Grandma, my father's Mom, Iracema. She lives in Indaiatuba as well and of course I visited her (twice!)... she doesn't like taking pictures, though.
My first weekend in Brazil came and Saturday was the day to see Keti! I took a bus to her home town, Campinas, a little over half hour from mine. OMG visiting Keti reminded us of our old times of nights out on the weekends... She introduced me to her friend Samara (that lives in Indaiatuba!) and we went to Clube Apo. I spent Sunday at Keti's house being lazy and catching up on all the gossip haha PS: Keti, next time we go to Lagoa do Taquaral :*
Monday I got a very special visit at home of the cutest friends Brian and Mimi :) They were my students, I know Mimi since she was 2! I used to work with toddlers from 2007 to 2010. Their grandparents, Juçara and Elvio will always be my friends, thank you guys very much for visiting me and for the beautiful doll gift *-*
Tuesday was my day to take care of my hair! I went to my favorite hair salon called Cabelo & Arte (+55 (19) 3801-1894) for a "Escova Progressiva" a chemical straightener that only Bruna knows how to do perfectly =]
Wednesday Talita surprised me... She invited me to come over to her house for dinner. When I arrived there I was shocked to learn that it was a surprise party! Thanks to Dri, Edi (her son), Pri, Paula, Maiara (her daughter) and sure, Tali... I ate some tradicional Brazilian food and laughed a lot with these lovely women that were part of my story and still are ઇ‍ઉ
Thursday was time to go out to eat with my cousins! We chose Casa da Esfiha, an Arabian restaurant which makes delicious dishes. I really enjoyed our night!
Fábio, Winnie, me, Rodrigo, Eduardo, (Joãzinho)
Alana, Duda, Thaís, Mirtes, Daniel, (Enzo)
Friday my Mom woke me up at 4am =0 Yes, that early! We went to Sao Paulo City to shop for her store in the most popular street of South America, 25 de Março! Of course I did not bring my phone (just like I did while in Rio) so I don't have pictures from there... I didn't want to take the risk of 'losing' my iPhone. The day was tiring though fun. It was good spending a whole day with my Mom ^^
Gui, Klê, Tali, Márcio, Bruna, Ricardo, Mah, Manu, Paula, Pri and I
We got back home around 6pm and a little later Priscila picked me up to go to a barbecue dinner party at ASPMI clube very close to my house. This was again Talita's idea with a great help of my hair stylist and her hubby! Just another fun night with those who really care about me 
The next Saturday morning I met my friend Dani for breakfast at a nice bakery, Padaria Suiça. Dani and I also went to College together (my first one) plus we worked together for more than 2 years... now I'm happy she's got a job in a public school and even more knowing she's been so happy next to her husband Vitor (they were only dating before I left) :)
That afternoon, Paula, Maiara and her little princess Manu, joined me to have ice cream at Polo Shopping mall... and right after that, I went to another mall, Shopping Jaraguá to meet with 2 other friends of mine, Debora and Dalva. I've known these two girls for more than 10 years from the time I used to work for my Mom at her store. My Mom's store is located at a popular mall called Shopping Ponto Azul and Dalva and Debora also used to work there. It was great to learn what is knew in their lives!
That night my Mom and I went to my uncle Ralfo & aunt Helaine's house for a visit :) We came back early so we could get a good night sleep because on the next day, Sunday, we were going to spend some family time at a museum.
And guess which museum I am talking about??? CASTELO RÁ-TIM-BUM
This exhibition is happening at MIS (Museu da Imagem e do Som) and is all about this Brazilian children's program produced between 1994-1997 but is still been reprised nowadays. 
Klift, Kloft, Still, a porta se abriu!
Per only R$10 reais you are able to experience (if you get there VERY early) the TV show coming to life! From this door on you will only understand the meaning of the following pictures if you were a Brazilian child in the 1990's or if you watch one of the 90 episodes filmed.
We left the castle, I mean, the museum around 2pm and stopped to have lunch at Frango Assado on our way back home from SP city to Indaiatuba. My Mom and I went to my uncle Reginaldo & aunt Toshico's house to visit them and meet for the first time my cousins Erika and Bianca ^^ They were born in Japan and used to live there since last December, when they moved to Brazil.
Bianca has been improving her Portuguese skills singing with Frozen:)

At the same night, I went to Pepsi, a famous bar in my home town. My company was Keti and Samara, Dalva and Debora, I met Valeria there too, plus I saw my cousin Bruno... in the next morning, I went to his house to see Karyn's baby #socute

My friend Lu went home to visit me the day before I left... and of course I couldn't leave without visiting my ex-students from Colégio Polo!

They are so big now, in 5th grade =0 (last time I saw them they had just started 3rd) and I'm so glad Caio still remembering me S2

Well, that was it. My trip to Brazil was over on the last 27th when my Mom and brother took me to the bus station in Campinas, so I took a bus to GRU airport and flew to New York ઇ‍ઉ

To say goodbye isn't easy for anyone, especially when it has to be to your family... even though I had done this before I know I'm going to miss the beautiful time I spent with them... and sure, all the food I can't find in America (and the nicest weather all year round!) I'm so looking forward to see my family and friends soon again =]
OMG I cannot forget to register here the "before and after" my trip... because this post is about my whole August month! Before I left, I got a very nice visit here, on Long Island, of Audrey, a (Brazilian!) friend from Au Pair blogs that became my friend even before I'd become an Au Pair :)
Also before my trip I took Lari to her first 21+ club, my favorite ever; LAVO. It was only a brunch on a Saturday afternoon, though Lol There we met Luiza! She's back to America and has already started doing great... she celebrated her birthday two days ago, and today she had fun working for Globo during Brazilian day where, of course I was enjoying with Lari, Amanda and her friend Tháryta, and last but not least... my love Mike 
Mike experimented some of the Brazilian food I was enjoying while in Brazil... pastel, espetinho de carne, coxinha, açaí, espiga de milho, Guaraná Antártica, bolinho de chuva... to name a few haha We had an awesome time watching Daniel's performance... it just wasn't that awesome when the most waited singer Ivete got on the stage - it started to rain, like pouring! =0 I've never got that soaking wet before!
I'm so lucky (accidentally) I got to meet some girls I hadn't seen in such a long time like Handressa... Andressa and Carol (that are from Indaiatuba! =) and another blogger friend Wellem... and Natália, Duda's friend who was her company in Canada... yep, the world is too small!
It feels good to be back... now it's time to start a new beginning that you can keep following... in English now ;)
Mom, I already miss you  Te Amo
 "Viver no exterior é bom mas é uma merda... 
Viver no Brasil é uma merda mas é bom"
(Tom Jobim)


  1. Oiiiiiiiiii, Gi...
    Nossa como demora pra chegar o último dia do mês e ter post seu. hsuahsuHAUSHAUHSUa Mas sempre vale a pena. Confesso que hoje demorei bem mais do que o normal pra ler tudo mas adorei a ideia de fazer os posts em inglês... Eu não acredito que você veio pro brasil, voltou pros states e ainda foi no MIS e eu não. :( Tô louca de vontade de ir lá, acho que deve ser mais do que um sonho né!? Cresci assistindo catelo ra tim bum e simplesmente amava. o// E que legal vc ter encontrado o pessoalzinho que vc dava aula, dá pra vc ter uma ideia de como o tempo realmente passou rápido né!? Vc conseguiu ainda ir no Brazilian Day? Mas, gente... Cê tá em todos os lugares. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Realmente o mês de agosto foi agitado heim!? Sua mãe tá linda... Espero que agora ela consiga tirar o visto e ir te visitar. o// Bom comecinho de Setembro, beijããão!!!

    1. Oiiiiii Andreia, sem duvidas um mês ótimo! menina, vc PRECISA ir na exposição do Castelo Rá-Tim-Bum =] mas chegue umas 6am se for num domingo ta rs (e nao deixe de conferir no youtube o episodio perdido q chama Hora de Dormir!) Olha, se ficou alguma frase ou expressão q nao entendeu no post, manda msg no Whatsapp - ou zapzap como o pessoal chama no BR rs Bjoka e até mês q vem:*

  2. Adorei seu post in English, adorei tbm pq assim posso treinar o meu e fiquei feliz de ter entendido tudinho! :D
    Despedidas são tão difíceis né? Pena que nem sempre podemos estar perto de todo mundo que amamos, temos que fazer escolhas!
    Que bom que você se divertiu no Brasil, queria ir na exposição do Castelo Ra Tim BUm também.. Mas estou numa mega economia para ir pros states ano que vem, haha

    Beijos Linda ;*

    1. Ai q bom q gostou do post em inglês e sim, acho q ajudará as aspirantes à Au Pair a irem praticando já q é uma leitura simples... Escolhas sempre neh Rubia.. falando nisso, ja se decidiu sobre a agencia? (ps: se sobrar um $ vai sim no MIS!) Bjokas

  3. Gi, quanta gente para visitar hein hehhe
    Como eu disse estou aqui acompanhando sua jornada agora pós au pair...
    Brazilian Day sounds Awsome - I want to be there and enjoy this crazy Brazilian Event...
    See you next month...

    1. Oi Tha! sim, vc vai amar o BRday, ano q vem vc vai... e thx por acompanhar, até mês q vem =] Bjoka

  4. What a month Gi!!! Quantas coisas para um mês só!!
    Vc sabe que fiquei muito feliz por voce ter conseguido o visto né? Parabens agaiiin!! :D
    Uma pena o Mike não ter conseguido ir para conhecer um pouco do nosso país e sua family. Mas congratulations para ele pela promoção! :D
    Lendo sobre a sua passagem pelo BR e vendo as fotos me deu uma batia saudade da minha família :'( Que bom que voce conseguiu aproveitar bem o tempo. (Quero minha cabeleireira também!!! haha)
    Amei o nosso domingo no Brazilian Day, mesmo com a chuva. Eu to aqui ainda cantando as musicas do Daniel e da Veveta. hahhaha
    Ps: Amei o post in english!! ;)

    1. Vc comentou! haha brigada Lari... sim, tb queria mto q ele conhecesse o BR.. opa, ainda quero! e gente.. nunca esquecerei do dia q tomei um banho de chuva em NY, mas foi mto bom =] Bjoka

  5. Oi my loveee.. cant believe you're really back! When you were gone it felt like 2 years had gone by without you. Its so exciting to read about your trip now... in english! Wow you really are a great writer, in 2 languages! Thats awesome gi, so proud of you. Your mom must have loved the best surprise she could ever get. Im so happy for both of you! I know you both really love each other very much. I always enjoy your stories and I always look forward to the next chapter. The best part about this is knowing I get to be apart of it. Love you gi :)

    1. Oi fofinho, yep I'm back :) of course you are the one who most loved the idea of me writing for my blog in English.. don't worry, I'll find out other way for you to keep practicing Portuguese, ok?!! haha and soon you'll meet my mom *-* love you too, Bjoka

  6. Hello Gi!
    Welcome back!!! I'm glad that you are in Brazil seeing again your family. You must have really felt miss them!
    Congratulations about your visa!
    I really need to go at this exhibition! I watched this program all my childhood! Haha! I loved the photos!
    Well, I'm still learning english, so, sorry about some mistakes! Hahaha! But I'm happy because i got understand your post without a translator! ;)
    Beijinhos! :D

    1. Wow Thamy, not many mistakes at all.. good job commenting in English =] Yes, Castelo Rá-Tim-Bum was (is!) always my favorite too.. see you next month! Bjokas

  7. Oiii Gih, mais uma vez: que post gostoso de ler! ... own
    Quanta coisa de novo, quanta novidade!
    Deve ser super gostoso reencontrar todo mundo depois de tanto tempo né?! =d
    Adorei també o museu do castelo RÁ-TIM-BUM! super queria ir, quando eu vi o an[uncio fiquei louca, haha mas jah etsava aqui. Então, quem sabe um dia né?!
    Beijos e tudo de melhor... acompanhando aqui sempre que posso. Adoro as suas histórias!!

    1. Oi Fer... gostou da novidade do post em inglês tb rs aiii nem me fale menina, tudo de bom rever todo mundo e estar no BR tb neh.. maravilhoso! ai.. vc ia se encantar com aquela exposição.. mas tenho certeza q vão acabar prorrogando rs Bjokas

    2. Nossa nao tinha notado que Tava em inglês o.O

  8. Como sempre amei seu post! Muito fácil de entender e ótimo pra treinar o English... Parabéns por esse novo começo em sua vida... Espero poder te conhecer quando eu for pra terra do Obama. Beijos

    1. Oi Pri, q bom q gostou e bom pra ir praticando mesmo neh hehe Ai eu tb vou querer te ver por aqui heim.. Bjoka

  9. oiii gi!!!
    de novo cliquei em comentar e meu comment sumiu :\ vou ter que me acostumar a dar um ctrl C aqui antes de clicar em publicar hahaha
    muuuito especial esse post! nem posso imaginar como vai ser o meu retorno pro brasil *---* e toda essa comilança ai?? que beleza!!! hahaha a melhor parte é estar com a familia e os amigos ne?? tu tem data prevista pra ir visitar de novo?
    e esses posts em ingles ai? aposto que o Mike adorou rs
    mas o mais louco mesmo pra mim foi tu encontrar a nat hahaha simpatica ela ne? :B

    beijos Gi, boa sorte nessa tua nova fase!!

    1. Nossa Duda, será q todo mundo tem esse prob qdo comentam aqui? =/ sorry.. Ai, se prepara qdo vc voltar.. ainda mais vc toda comilona, vai explodir!! haha Nós queremos muito passar o natal por lá.... ai ele amou nao precisar ter q traduzir neh.. agora já o pessoal do BR rs justo agora q falei sobre eles kkk #Gisellaisnotfair Sim, a Nati me reconheceu, mto querida... brigada e Bjokas

  10. Aiii Gii, amei o post, ainda mais em Ingles porque entendi tudo uhull..
    Depois queria poder cv em inbox sobre varias coisas, mas como faco pra cv com vc?
    Espero ver voce em breve em Ocean City hahaha

    1. Oi Fran.. ah mas vc ja ta fluente neh =) sim, mande seu cel no e a gente se texta rs Bjoka

  11. Nossa Gi, quanta coisa heim!! Vc voltou pro Brasil mas vai voltar pros EUA novamente, é isso?? Que máximo! Consegui ler (ou entender o contexto) de quase tudo ahhah oba!!
    To seguindo ja, bjuss

    1. Oi May.. eu fui pro BR e já estou de volta ;) continue acompanhando pra entender mais.. Bjoka

  12. Como você conseguiu fazer tanta coisa em tão pouco tempo e já voltou para os braços do amado? Admiração.. Hahahahaha
    Adorei o post em inglês, pensando em fazer os meus em inglês também...
    AAAAAAAh, eu também fui na exposição do Castelo! Muito legal né? Tirei 1752745 fotos! hahahaha

    1. Oie Lari.. vc viu qta coisa?! Nossa faça um post sobre sua visita ao Castelo entao.. em inglês ;) Bjokas e ainda impressionada com a qualidade daquele chá =0

  13. Oiiee Gii
    Que máximo ler suas histórias, os post são grandes mais nem vejo passar rs
    Começando uma nova fase agora né, muita boa sorte.
    Adorei o post in English, foi difícil mais eu consegui entender todo o contexto. Da uma passadinha no meu blog que tenho novidades *-*

    1. Oi Lê.. bom pra ir praticando o inglês neh ^-^ ahh eu já vi sua news.. congrats de novo! até mês q vem.. Bjoka

  14. Oii :)
    Ai que delicia menina :3
    Lembro até hoje quando fui buscar minha amiga no aeroporto com meu marido e dois primos dela, fazer surpresa pra família dela que não sabia que ela ia chegar rs
    "Escondemos" ela até de noite pq ia ser feito um jantar na casa da tia dela com a família toda reunida rs
    A prima dela fez todos pensarem que ela ia ficar noiva e todos foram pensando que essa era a surpresa e depois minha amiga apareceu, emocionante rs
    Fico imaginando a emoção da sua família e a sua também ♥♥♥ Que alegria!
    E imagino como o mês deve ter passado rápido pra vcs ^^
    Lembro que quando minha amiga veio, parece que fevereiro e parte de março passou rápido demaiis rs Ela mora em Oregon, quem sabe um dia vcs se conheçam por aii rs :)
    Sempre que alguém que conheço vai passear por ai, mando caixinhas cheia de coisinhas daqui do Brasil pra ela rs Já mandei umas quatro nesses três anos que ela mora por ai hehehe
    E acredita que ainda não fui no MIS hahaha Louca para poder ir, mas a super fila me desanima hahaha
    Quando vier, quem sabe faz um encontrinho com a gente que sempre está por aqui hehehe
    E parabéns pelo seu visto, por essa nova etapa, pra você e para o Mike :)
    Bençãos e bênçãos na vida de vcs ^^


    1. Quando você vier novamente* hahaha
      Me corrigindo rs rs

    2. Nossa Bru! q surpresa gostosa (e parecida) que fizeram para ela! quem sabe um dia nao invento de ir conhecer Oregon e peço ajuda pra sua friend... e sim, quem sabe nao nos vemos na minha próxima visita ao BR.. ahhh vc TEM q ir no MIS! Obrigada pelo carinhooooo Bjokas

  15. Hi Gi! Glad you had a blast here! Congrats for your new visa... :D And great idea you had, to write in English. I was wondering if you did this in this post because of your fiancé, but is great to all the future Au Pairs like me to keep practicing their reading.
    Good luck with this new phase in your life! Xoxo :)

    1. Hello Nuara! I'm glad you liked my idea of writing here in English.. btw that's really nice of you commenting in English as well =] Thanks, Bjoka

  16. Giiii!!! Amei te conhecer pessoalmente!!! Muito feliz com as notícias. Xoxo keep posting !!!!

    1. Wellem q mundo pequeno... tb adorei!! alias, q casal lindo vc e o Ryan ;) Bjokas

  17. Oiii giiii,
    Que Que legal vc conseguiu se mudar de Visto !!! e vc foi no museu do castelo ra tim bum .. . Que demais, eu estou doidinha para ir conhecer *_*
    E com Relação a despedida novamente ... é muito triste = *
    mas é por uma boa causa é sua mamis te entende
    Bjuss FICA COM Deus =)

    1. Oie Djessy... brigada querida.. ai nao perca tempo, vai logo no museu do Castelo vc vai se encantar! Mas chegue BEM cedinho ta! Bjokas

  18. Gisella vc é uma linda! Adoro a sua frase de final de texto! Agora espero que tudo dê certo pro seu futuro! Beijinhos

    1. Obrigada Laura! Continue atualizando seu blog e se divertindo em Seattle :) Beijos

  19. gisella, vc é mesmo uma linda! me sinto uma amiga lendo seus posts de tão próxima que vc faz a gente se sentir do lado de cá, com tantos detalhes na sua história! hehe legal, isso é um super dom! vim visitar meu blog e aproveitei pra ver o seu tbm, ansiosa pra acompanhar a nova fase :) vi sobre o engagement alguns posts atrás (ou talvez no insta? haha n sei) congrats! quando eu for a NY quero te ver! bjs

    1. Oi Lu.. ai q sdd das suas historias por volta da Europa... ahh com certeza lmk qdo vc tiver pensando em vir pra gente marcar algo =] contei sobre o noivado no ultimo post, mas no insta postei em junho mesmo... thanks!! Bjoka

  20. Oi Gisella!!

    Fui Au Pair em 2007 e quando fui ajudar minha prima a ser Au Pair em 2012 entrei nesse mundo de blog de Au Pair e não consigo mais sair! Hahaha

    Difícil é encontrar blog que as meninas dão continuidade, e adorei o seu porque vc tá firme e forte, apesar de eu ter conhecido ele só por esses dias hehe

    Estou indo fazer outro intercâmbio agora, dessa vez um estágio na minha área, e decidi finalmente fazer um blog tbm! Vamos torcer pra eu conseguir segurar ele que nem você! hahaha

    Vou continuar te acompanhando aqui!! ;)


    1. Oi Paty.. bem-vinda ao blog! E saiba q com certeza ja estarei a acompanhando agora no seu novo intercâmbio.. e mta gente tb irá, afinal são tao poucas as opções de blogs de intercâmbios diferentes do Au Pair, nao é mesmo? Bjokas e boa sorte!

  21. Oiii Gi!!
    Nossa, quantos acontecimentos heim, cabe tudo isso num mês? hahah vc sempre simpática com as pessoas, me sinto bem próxima de vc lendo seus posts, quase uma amiga virtual heheh

    enfim, continue postando heim, beijão!!

    1. ahhhh May seu comment nao sumiu nao, eh q vc comentou nesse post do mês passado e ficou grande por causa da minha viagem ao Brasil =] Bjoka