Tuesday, September 30

ex Au Pair, 3º mês | North Wales, PA ☆

Home sweet home
September was a month with a lot of changes... Starting from our moving to North Wales, PA from Long Island, NY.
Avenel at Montgomery Square
Yes, Pennsylvania is our new address! Mike's job is just a little bit crazy like this... He gets to go wherever the new project will take him. After the BJ's Wholesales Club project on Long Island, he had to work for a project in New Jersey, a small store that sales mattress called Sleepy's and he still has to!! At the same time, he is checking a new Bj's that has just started to be built very close to the new apartment.
These are pictures from the Sleepy's being built in New Jersey with Mike managing the development of the project. The pictures show one month of progress since Mike has been there.. he loves to get work done fast!
Me too =] I helped so much with the moving, I even drove a truck for the first time... (we had to rent a small truck to move the furniture).
I didn't have time to take pictures nor videos to show how the new apartment looks like but I can already say that you pay less for more space in PA! (also that jumping in a pile of bubble wrap is so much fun lol).
Do you know what I just realized I forgot to add in my last month post? A picture of my bedroom in Brazil... I already miss a lot my house over there because it's hard to feel home when you have to be moving around.. :/
Talking about Brazilian home... while I was there, my brother and his friend got interviewed from SBT channel to talk about their data processing company called Storm Worm. The video came out a couple of weeks ago and is available on Youtube and right bellow here:
Now talking about friend... I said goodbye to Long Island and to Audrey, that girl I commented last month that is living very close to the old apartment. She picked me up (on 'her' Mercedes!), we went food (fish) shopping, then to her house to cook a special lunch... hope seeing you soon again, Audrey!!! *-*
Another special friend I met this month was Jennifer... one of my ex host kids but forever host sister! She went with her daddy to the At&t store to meet with Mike and I so I could finally switch plans. My ex host family was still paying for my phone!! I kept the same line (same number:) except that now I'm on Mike's plan and I ORDERED MY NEW iPHONE 6 =D I'm so excited to get it. I still have the iPhone 5 from two years ago and now it's time to use my upgrade. Mike thought about getting the iPhone 6 Plus but he didn't - he's not an Apple person...  I AM!
While at the store, Tom invited me to go to their Block Party and visit the other kids... of course I agreed to it :)
I was already missing them all so much, and being able to see the neighbors as well was really nice.
They had so many new stories to tell me... school has started so we had a lot to talk about. Lauren made cotton candy for everyone to be even happier! I got to see Jack biking without training wheels (finally!) and how cute he got without his two front teeth... OMG September was his birthday! I definitely did not miss his Happy B-day song.
Spending that special Sunday at their house was amazing. I could talk to Oma, Grandma and Grandpa... Carol Ann made a delicious dinner and then we ate Jack's favorite ice cream cake =]
Who remember Tina? Mike's cousin I visited in a hospital a few months ago... I also went to her first communion.
Well, she is doing very good and she will turn 9 in a couple of days, so we enjoyed the school day off due jewish holiday to go to the mall... Tina got her first Uggs boots from Donna (Mike's mom) and Mikey (Tina's brother) got the same Crocs I did! Oh, and we bought a cute dual BFF bracelete ^^
I think that was pretty much it for this month... Fall and the football season are here. My life got a little different from how it used to be, I mean much more serious... It's like I'm an adult for real now haha
We didn't go party this month though we didn't forget to go to the movies. I chose "If I stay" - a very good choice btw!
Oh, of course... another thing I spent the whole month making sure I'd make the right choice was picking my first American car!!! (I say 'american' because I used to have a car in Brazil) Yes, I GOT A CAR =D a 2004 New Beetle. I'll come back here next month telling how I'm liking it, ok?! Just still very surprised how expensive the same exactly car costs in Brazil =0
Talking about cars... Mike got into a car accident last week. Luckily, it wasn't his fault at all, he was just stopped at the red light when a crazy car crushed his from behind. The good thing is: Mike has a strong and high Jeep so NOTHING happened to his car (neither to himself, thank God).
I'm having a busy month so I'm stopping here leaving a video I made almost 3 years ago for my ex host family right after we had our match... I tried to show to them a little bit of my home country and hometown, (I've always wanted to post it here on my blog) hope you like it! :)