Friday, October 31

ex Au Pair, 4º mês | OH☆ MO☆ KS☆ NE☆ IA

Boo!!! It's Halloween
It was my 3rd Halloween today and once again I was Cinderella... with a Prince Charming this time *-*
Basically, we just came back from a costume Halloween party in Philly at a place 5min walking from the LOVE sculpture of Philadelphia ♥ We are trying to get used to the early end of the night in our new area because we all know that parties in New York (and in Brazil) last all night Lol
I also repeated being Miranda Sings this year! I got invited to go to the German flu shot Halloween party with my ex-host family... If you don't remember, my ex-hosts are doctors and they give flu shots to the whole family when is close to Halloween (maybe the children don't get too upset since they get to eat lots of candy!). Anyways, it was so much fun again!! Kristen and I were very 'bootiful' taking so many pics and laughing Lol
Of course, everything is not only about laughing =[ I had my scary moment during the party too but in 3 seconds I felt good again and was able to go trick-or-treat with Lauren, trade candy with Jack, take pictures with the cousins, and get Jennifer ready with her pj's because we had a sleep over together that night! ^^
We slept on her bed, which used to be mine when I was their Au Pair #tbt This happened because the next day, Saturday, I was going very early to the airport with Lari and Amanda to meet Thais and fly to Missouri to start a bloggers road trip to 3 other states over the weekend :) So, at 5am I drove to - my sweet friend - Andressa's house in New Jersey to leave my car there to avoid paying for parking at the airport... We flew from Newark, in NJ about 40min from her house so she dropped us off at 7 in the morning. 
Amanda, Thais, Lari and I
Our flight was supposed to leave at 8am then, we thought we had plenty of time. However, we had to wait for our friend Thais who got there at 7:15 and with no boarding pass we 4 went to the security line (Lari, Amanda and I had our electronic boarding pass on our phones). Well, Thais had to go print hers when it was her turn what made us become late for the flight. It was already 7:30 when we were back to the line... Okay, it was our turn again for the security to check our documents and one more problem: Amanda and Thais did not bring their passport and since they don't have a state ID they got stopped having to wait for the supervisor to come to check their International Permission to drive (PID). At that point I knew we had missed our flight and I completely started to freak out =0 I got very upset but not giving up I fought with United Airlines trying to find us a way to get to MO not too late (and for free!). 
Thais and I having McDonald's
for lunch and talking about
finally in person :)
Literally, only after crying to their supervisor, she put us on 2 flights; one that went to Chicago about 11am and the other one that got in Missouri at 2:20pm. The other 3 girls, Fer, Dany and Paulinha had already rented a car (minivan) when us 4 got there, and they were waiting outside for us so we could finally start our road trip!
The Gateway Arch - St. Louis, MO (it's me there!:)
The famous Missouri arch was our first stop... not for Paulinha though, who came from Maryland on time and ended up having "extra" hours with Fer and Dany who live in Missouri, have been to this arch park millions of time but will never get sick of this huge and so beautiful monument! #loveit
Okay, then our road trip really started, with Paulinha (the one who rented the car) driving for 4 hours straight to our next two stops in our second state: Kansas. We visited a nature store/museum called Cabela's and then we went to an outlet to have dinner and fun!
Cabela's - Kansas City, KS (bought my keychain:)
Dave & Buster's restaurant - Legend Outlet - Kansas
While eating, we notice that an important baseball game was going on. Royals from Kansas City was playing against the San Francisco Giants; they were in the World Series which is the Championship from professional baseball, just like what the Super Bowl is for Football.
Another surprise for the night was when Dany met her Brazilian friend that lives over there and was watching the game with her boyfriend.
The outlet is very big but what brought our attention was the outside of the T-REX adventure kid's restaurant =P
Back to Missouri, we stopped in Kansas City... yes, there are 2 Kansas Cities, one in Kansas and one in Missouri =D (we went to both of them!)
The outside of the Public Library also brought our attention, it was a fun stop for a lot of pictures! And last but not least, we made a quick stop in front of their baseball stadium.
We were ready to finish up our day and drive to the hotel because the two parks we planned on visiting were closed... when on our way, Amanda realized her purse was missing! She left it on the "books" steps of the library so Paulinha drove about half hour back hoping to find it in the same place. Very luckily, it was still there!!
Around 1am we were in St. Joseph, also in Missouri but more north, checking in to our hotel rooms. Sunday, we again woke up very early because at 7am we checked out on course to the third state: Nebraska! During this trip we had a setback, unfortunately we had a run in with the police. We were pulled over by an Iowa police officer. Paulinha was driving 92 miles per hour, the speed limit in that area was 70 MPH. After talking to the law officer for over 30 minutes we were free to go with a $100 ticket but a good lesson learned; rushing is not necessary. Getting in Nebraska City, our stop was at a park that lands a 52-room mansion ;)
Arbor Lodge State Historical Park - Nebraska City, NE
Across the street from the park there's a huge farm but besides it was yet close, none of us were in a mood to go apple picking that early Lol
Dany, Paula, Thais, Fernanda, me, Larissa and Amanda
Yet in Nebraska, we stopped at a place to overlook the Missouri River:
Our next stop was in another park but in other state, the fourth one: Iowa =]
There, we had a nice picnic with all the snacks each of us brought for the road trip... we just couldn't find the lake we saw online on the park's map :/
Then, we went to the Main Street of this small town in Iowa called Hamburg to get gas and ready to spend 4 more hours straight in the car to our final stop, the Missouri University in Columbia.
Missouri University
After having driven for about 2 hours with a headache, Paulinha asked me if I didn't mind driving. Because she was the one who had to return the car, we decided not to make that stop so I just drove around the campus, stopped at another (cheap) gas station, and kept driving towards the airport back to St. Louis...
Of course another not nice thing had to happen to us: our flight got delayed and all the rushing while saying goodbye did not make a difference =/
Finally, at 11:30pm, super tired got on a plane flying back to New Jersey to be picked up by Andressa, the angel who woke up at 3am to do us this big favor #thankyousomuch :* Hey, I was almost forgetting... Andressa got pulled over in the corner of her street because she didn't slow down on the yellow light (?) Well, she knew the cop so he didn't ticket her ;)

I drove Amanda and Thais to NYC
then Lari to her house and finally,
at 6am got to Mike's mom!!

Fer... I told you I would make it to your state ^^ You're a sweet-hearted girl and everything we imagine when reading your posts! It was a pleasure meeting you in person, sharing a bed and a little bit of wedding tips... I already wish you an awesome return home, to your family and fiancee :*
Fer and I *-* #wives-to-be
Talking about brides... and as you can see from my post title, a fifth new state was added to my list =)
My friend Alice became an Ohio married woman! Mike and I went to their party which was also a birthday one... Aaron and Alice celebrate their birthday on the same day! It was so nice spending the day with them, I was missing (and still am) her so much, those hours were definitely not enough... Now, it's your turn to give us a visit, okay?!!! #congratulations
On our way back to Pennsylvania from Ohio on the next day, we stopped for breakfast in Pittsburg, the second biggest city in PA.

My car has been doing great!
On another weekend, I went to Andressa's house in NJ (the girl who took me to the airport!)
We had a sleep over from Friday to Saturday and it was amazing because besides she is a great company - a really nice friend, her host mom is super cool... she even bought us frozen yogurt ^^ Then, Saturday we went to NYC to check out the exhibition of the 20th anniversary  of F.R.I.E.N.D.S, the setting of Central Perk cafe - just incredible!! From there we took a subway to go to LAVO Brunch and we even had time to visit the Big piano (that is much smaller now) at FAO. What a day! #somuchfun PS. Andressa is from my hometown in BR, Indaiatuba:)
Talking about New Jersey, Mike's project over there is in its last weeks from being done and we can't wait for that so he won't need to be driving from PA to NJ almost everyday anymore... The job in PA is at a mall across the street from our apartment, as well as our favorite grocery store ever called Wegman's... We really like Pennsylvania so far and next post I promise I'll talk about my new daily routine!
PS. sorry Brazil about Dilma's re-election... here is The New York Times news about it.