Friday, October 31

ex Au Pair, 4º mês | OH☆ MO☆ KS☆ NE☆ IA

Boo!!! It's Halloween
It was my 3rd Halloween today and once again I was Cinderella... with a Prince Charming this time *-*
Basically, we just came back from a costume Halloween party in Philly at a place 5min walking from the LOVE sculpture of Philadelphia ♥ We are trying to get used to the early end of the night in our new area because we all know that parties in New York (and in Brazil) last all night Lol
I also repeated being Miranda Sings this year! I got invited to go to the German flu shot Halloween party with my ex-host family... If you don't remember, my ex-hosts are doctors and they give flu shots to the whole family when is close to Halloween (maybe the children don't get too upset since they get to eat lots of candy!). Anyways, it was so much fun again!! Kristen and I were very 'bootiful' taking so many pics and laughing Lol
Of course, everything is not only about laughing =[ I had my scary moment during the party too but in 3 seconds I felt good again and was able to go trick-or-treat with Lauren, trade candy with Jack, take pictures with the cousins, and get Jennifer ready with her pj's because we had a sleep over together that night! ^^
We slept on her bed, which used to be mine when I was their Au Pair #tbt This happened because the next day, Saturday, I was going very early to the airport with Lari and Amanda to meet Thais and fly to Missouri to start a bloggers road trip to 3 other states over the weekend :) So, at 5am I drove to - my sweet friend - Andressa's house in New Jersey to leave my car there to avoid paying for parking at the airport... We flew from Newark, in NJ about 40min from her house so she dropped us off at 7 in the morning. 
Amanda, Thais, Lari and I
Our flight was supposed to leave at 8am then, we thought we had plenty of time. However, we had to wait for our friend Thais who got there at 7:15 and with no boarding pass we 4 went to the security line (Lari, Amanda and I had our electronic boarding pass on our phones). Well, Thais had to go print hers when it was her turn what made us become late for the flight. It was already 7:30 when we were back to the line... Okay, it was our turn again for the security to check our documents and one more problem: Amanda and Thais did not bring their passport and since they don't have a state ID they got stopped having to wait for the supervisor to come to check their International Permission to drive (PID). At that point I knew we had missed our flight and I completely started to freak out =0 I got very upset but not giving up I fought with United Airlines trying to find us a way to get to MO not too late (and for free!). 
Thais and I having McDonald's
for lunch and talking about
finally in person :)
Literally, only after crying to their supervisor, she put us on 2 flights; one that went to Chicago about 11am and the other one that got in Missouri at 2:20pm. The other 3 girls, Fer, Dany and Paulinha had already rented a car (minivan) when us 4 got there, and they were waiting outside for us so we could finally start our road trip!
The Gateway Arch - St. Louis, MO (it's me there!:)
The famous Missouri arch was our first stop... not for Paulinha though, who came from Maryland on time and ended up having "extra" hours with Fer and Dany who live in Missouri, have been to this arch park millions of time but will never get sick of this huge and so beautiful monument! #loveit
Okay, then our road trip really started, with Paulinha (the one who rented the car) driving for 4 hours straight to our next two stops in our second state: Kansas. We visited a nature store/museum called Cabela's and then we went to an outlet to have dinner and fun!
Cabela's - Kansas City, KS (bought my keychain:)
Dave & Buster's restaurant - Legend Outlet - Kansas
While eating, we notice that an important baseball game was going on. Royals from Kansas City was playing against the San Francisco Giants; they were in the World Series which is the Championship from professional baseball, just like what the Super Bowl is for Football.
Another surprise for the night was when Dany met her Brazilian friend that lives over there and was watching the game with her boyfriend.
The outlet is very big but what brought our attention was the outside of the T-REX adventure kid's restaurant =P
Back to Missouri, we stopped in Kansas City... yes, there are 2 Kansas Cities, one in Kansas and one in Missouri =D (we went to both of them!)
The outside of the Public Library also brought our attention, it was a fun stop for a lot of pictures! And last but not least, we made a quick stop in front of their baseball stadium.
We were ready to finish up our day and drive to the hotel because the two parks we planned on visiting were closed... when on our way, Amanda realized her purse was missing! She left it on the "books" steps of the library so Paulinha drove about half hour back hoping to find it in the same place. Very luckily, it was still there!!
Around 1am we were in St. Joseph, also in Missouri but more north, checking in to our hotel rooms. Sunday, we again woke up very early because at 7am we checked out on course to the third state: Nebraska! During this trip we had a setback, unfortunately we had a run in with the police. We were pulled over by an Iowa police officer. Paulinha was driving 92 miles per hour, the speed limit in that area was 70 MPH. After talking to the law officer for over 30 minutes we were free to go with a $100 ticket but a good lesson learned; rushing is not necessary. Getting in Nebraska City, our stop was at a park that lands a 52-room mansion ;)
Arbor Lodge State Historical Park - Nebraska City, NE
Across the street from the park there's a huge farm but besides it was yet close, none of us were in a mood to go apple picking that early Lol
Dany, Paula, Thais, Fernanda, me, Larissa and Amanda
Yet in Nebraska, we stopped at a place to overlook the Missouri River:
Our next stop was in another park but in other state, the fourth one: Iowa =]
There, we had a nice picnic with all the snacks each of us brought for the road trip... we just couldn't find the lake we saw online on the park's map :/
Then, we went to the Main Street of this small town in Iowa called Hamburg to get gas and ready to spend 4 more hours straight in the car to our final stop, the Missouri University in Columbia.
Missouri University
After having driven for about 2 hours with a headache, Paulinha asked me if I didn't mind driving. Because she was the one who had to return the car, we decided not to make that stop so I just drove around the campus, stopped at another (cheap) gas station, and kept driving towards the airport back to St. Louis...
Of course another not nice thing had to happen to us: our flight got delayed and all the rushing while saying goodbye did not make a difference =/
Finally, at 11:30pm, super tired got on a plane flying back to New Jersey to be picked up by Andressa, the angel who woke up at 3am to do us this big favor #thankyousomuch :* Hey, I was almost forgetting... Andressa got pulled over in the corner of her street because she didn't slow down on the yellow light (?) Well, she knew the cop so he didn't ticket her ;)

I drove Amanda and Thais to NYC
then Lari to her house and finally,
at 6am got to Mike's mom!!

Fer... I told you I would make it to your state ^^ You're a sweet-hearted girl and everything we imagine when reading your posts! It was a pleasure meeting you in person, sharing a bed and a little bit of wedding tips... I already wish you an awesome return home, to your family and fiancee :*
Fer and I *-* #wives-to-be
Talking about brides... and as you can see from my post title, a fifth new state was added to my list =)
My friend Alice became an Ohio married woman! Mike and I went to their party which was also a birthday one... Aaron and Alice celebrate their birthday on the same day! It was so nice spending the day with them, I was missing (and still am) her so much, those hours were definitely not enough... Now, it's your turn to give us a visit, okay?!!! #congratulations
On our way back to Pennsylvania from Ohio on the next day, we stopped for breakfast in Pittsburg, the second biggest city in PA.

My car has been doing great!
On another weekend, I went to Andressa's house in NJ (the girl who took me to the airport!)
We had a sleep over from Friday to Saturday and it was amazing because besides she is a great company - a really nice friend, her host mom is super cool... she even bought us frozen yogurt ^^ Then, Saturday we went to NYC to check out the exhibition of the 20th anniversary  of F.R.I.E.N.D.S, the setting of Central Perk cafe - just incredible!! From there we took a subway to go to LAVO Brunch and we even had time to visit the Big piano (that is much smaller now) at FAO. What a day! #somuchfun PS. Andressa is from my hometown in BR, Indaiatuba:)
Talking about New Jersey, Mike's project over there is in its last weeks from being done and we can't wait for that so he won't need to be driving from PA to NJ almost everyday anymore... The job in PA is at a mall across the street from our apartment, as well as our favorite grocery store ever called Wegman's... We really like Pennsylvania so far and next post I promise I'll talk about my new daily routine!
PS. sorry Brazil about Dilma's re-election... here is The New York Times news about it.


  1. Oi Giii!!!
    Amei um post que finalmente estamos todas juntas!! hahahaha
    Você é uma fofa, e apesar de todos os pontos baixos da viagem hahaha eu adorei conhecer todas vocês, e valeu a pena!
    Adorei as fotos do Central Perk, super quero ir la um dia!! :(

    1. Oi Fer! ahhh VC q é uma FOFA... com certeza o fim de semana valeu MUITO a pena!!! mtas historias pra contar e mta licaozinha tb neh... ahhh eu fui no ultimo dia da exposição do Central Perk.. agora só em Hollywood mesmo (e eu tb ja fui:)
      Bjokas e vou lá comentar no seu post agora!

  2. I read your post on time todayy! YAY
    I read about your trip with the girls on Fernanda's blog. It must have been great. Altough you had a few 'plot twists' as I like to call. :D
    You were a beautiful Cinderella! :D
    And I can't wait to read about your new daily routine... must be very different from being an Au Pair. You really are a lucky girl!

    1. Hi Nu... yeah I love Fer's post about our trip!
      Thanks for following every post and good lucky with your Brazilian Driver's License!!
      Come back next month =] Bxoxo

  3. Every princess needs her prince ;) So lucky I can call myself your prince. You're the most beautiful Cinderella ever. I had a spectacular time with you this month, getting use to our new home hasn't been easy but we make it work together. Its awesome reading about your new adventures across the country. I hope to join you another state visit soon! I love you fofinha.

    1. You're the most handsome prince I could ever ask for! I love our new home fofinho... missed you on that trip... let's plan another one! Love you too S2

  4. Oi, Gi. Como cê tá?
    Nossa, hoje eu demorei pra ler tudo. rsss Mas consegui. õ//
    Eu amo o Halloween, aqui no Brasil eu já fui em algumas festinhas, mas nada muito significativo. :p Quero mesmo é participar das festas americanas, essas sim devem ser boas. hahaha E que road trip eletrizante heim!?. rsss Imagino o desespero de vocês perdendo o avião. hsuAHSHUahhsau Mas ainda bem que acabou tudo bem. Sobre o Central Perk eu nem sei o que dizer pra você. FRIENDS é minha série preferida e foi ela que me "introduziu" nesse mundo americano de filmes, séries e etc. Quase chorei quando fiquei sabendo dessa exposição, queria muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuito ter ído. Mas muito mesmo. Espero conseguir ver algo parecido quando eu for. :p No próximo post vou tentar comentar em inglês. kkk Pq agora eu acabei de comer um feijoada e não tô em condições. *Sem querer fazer inveja. kkkkkkkkk Beijão, Gi. Até mais!!!

    1. feijoada neh huh!! ai ficou grandinho por conta da viagem neh mas q bom q mesmo assim leu td (e entendeu!) quero ver seu comment in English next time=]
      e ahhh Friends.. tb tive o seriado como inspiracao! um dia vc visita o cenario original em Hollywood =]] Bjokas Andreia

  5. Hey Gi! Loved the post and the pictures! It looks like a lot of fun!
    Have a great weekend =D

    1. oh, and you and Mike look adorable as a disney royal couple haha!

    2. awww Nath you're always here.. can't wait to meet you in person!
      Bjokas - love your blog!

  6. Gi,
    it was really amazing the trip you've made with the girls, really nice.
    I hope we can do something like that when I finally get in US
    Finally I have my match heheh
    Thanks for your comment in my blog.
    See you next month.

    Kiss, kiss

    1. OMG Thais.. finally! I'm very happy for you=]
      yes... let's meet while you're here okay?!

  7. Aiiwn Friends, Friends e Friends <3
    Um dia mostro meu convite de casamento e minha sala pra vc hahaha
    Me convite foi inspirado em Friends e a sala tem quadros hahaha
    Sou louca por aquele enfeite de porta, que tem na porta do apto da Mônica :D hahaha
    E falei para o meu marido esses dias "Preciso ir para NYC ver a exposição de Friends" e ele "Ué, porque você não vai?!" hahaha
    E que legal a viagem de vcs, já estava com saudade de ler sobre suas viagens rs
    E muito fofooo vc e o Mike :3 Achei muito sua cara rs

    Beijos Beijos
    Fiquem com Deus

    1. Por sem querer mandei duas vezes o mesmo comentário hahaha
      Apaguei um rs rs

    2. Bruna, como assim seu convite de casamento foi inspirado nos friends?? eu quero ver!! me envia por email please! e se seu hubby concordou com vc de vir... pq não veio? kkk Mes q vem tem mais viagenzinha =]

    3. Pois é hahaha
      Mas não é a mesma coisa ir sem ele rs
      E trabalho e faculdade não me permitem ir de repente =/ Buaaaa hahahaha
      E mando sim rs Passa sem e-mail rs rs
      E ebaaaa, mais viagens \o/

      Fiquem com Deus

    4. mande sim q to loka pra ver!

    5. Mandei :)
      Mas em casa mando mais detalho o convite rs
      Beijos Beijos

    6. amei amei e amei Bru!! e nao só o convite, mas TUDO! (your shoes choice!) Thxoxo :*

  8. Adorei Gi, sempre venho aqui acompanhar as novidades no seu blog.

    1. legal Grazi... ate mes q vem entao =)

  9. Amei Gih!!!! awn queria ter me juntado a vcs na viagem :( deve ter sido mara!!! Mas como disse, infelizmente para mim nao deu/// enfim fico feliz que vcs curtiram bastante ;D
    adorei a fantasia de vcs dois, super lindos
    Mega beijo ateh a proxima ;**

    1. ahh Fer tb queria mto vc lá com a gente.. mas outras oportunidades virão, certo! vou ler seu post sobre seu Halloween =] Bjoka

  10. Gii,
    Adorei o post, foi 'fácil' de entender porque já li sobre a viajem de vocês no blog da Fer, eu acho rsrs
    Atualizei meu blog com meu vídeo e minha letter, da uma olhadinha lá ;)

    Beijoos, quero ler logo sobre sua nova rotina :D

    1. Oi Lê.. é, a Fer foi rapidinha e postou antes!
      Vou conferir suas atualizações =]
      see you next month, Bjokas

  11. Oi Gi!
    Menina, achei q não fosse conseguir passar no seu blog, tenho tido muuuita coisa pra fazer ultimamente... :(
    Ameeei as fantasias! Hahaha! Vcs ficaram lindos!
    Sobre a viagem eu já havia lido no blog da Fer, que bom q vcs se divertiram!
    Estou conseguindo entender bem seus posts, claro que não todas as palavras. Por falar nisso, como está o seu inglês? depois de todo esse tempo e dos cursos e tal? Esse é um assunto que as vezes me preocupa...
    Beijinhos, ah e obrigada por visitar meu blog também! :D

    1. Oi Thamy, adoro qdo vc vem aqui =]
      sobre o inglês.. acredito q agora com 2 anos e meio de USA posso me considerar fluente.. eu ainda não sei TODAS as palavras para uma conversa mto formal sobre política por exemplo, mas posso entender 99,9% de um filme ou de uma musica.. entao não se preocupe 'cause you'll get there! :*

  12. Hi Gi!
    Your month was so amazing, so many happenings rsrs
    I laughed so much with your picture of "Miranda Sings" hahaha very funny!
    Well, let's speak Portugueses hauhus

    Muito amazing a viagem de vcs, ja tinha lido no blog da Fer tbm...tbm quero te conhecer ao vivo u.u hehe
    Bom, é isso...continue postando heim!

    1. Oie Mayara.. ahh foi mto legal a trip sim =]
      com certeza vou querer te conhecer tb!!
      Bjokas e to sempre passando no seu blog :*

  13. gente, essa viagem deu historia pra contar ne?! tambem, nao poderia ser diferente com tanta blogueira reunida hehe adorei as fotos de nebraska, acho que foram as minhas preferidas da viagem de vcs.
    mas cute mesmo é a foto da cinderela e do prince charming *-*
    mes de outubro deu um saldo bom de estados pra tua listinha ne? fico feliz por ti gi =)

    1. Oi Duda (pessoa modernizada)
      faltou vc nessa crazy trip hehe ai, mas vamos aumentar a lista juntas ta!

  14. Oi Gi, tudo bem?
    Adoro seu blog, sempre leio desde que decidi ser Aupair extraordinaire :-)
    Também te sigo no Instagran
    Fiquei online segunda feira, ansiedade a mil, rs
    Mas não entrou nenhuma familia :-(
    Queria saber se você sabe como está o fluxo ou dicas pra quem é extraordinaire!

    Beijos Isa

    1. Oi Isa.. q bacana q está no processo de ser extraordinaire tb!
      nao se preocupe pq ainda irá chover família... ja estou torcendo =]
      Bjoka (tb te sigo no insta e adoro suas fotos!)

    2. Gi, como vc pode ser tão fofa! <3
      Gi se você souber de alguma famila meu Number: 231650
      Fico tão aflita se vai dar certo!
      Mas estou confiante!
      Beijinhos Isa

    3. Fica calma Isa... o pessoal ta na correria de Thanksgiving agora...
      claro, se souber de algo, te indico sim =] Bj

  15. Oie Gii, Adorei as fantasias de Halloween.. Como ficaram lindos de Cinderela e Príncipe.. *-*
    E essa viagem.. kkk Quanta dificuldade, ainda bem que no final deu tudo certo..
    Espero que tudo continue dando certo pra vc.. E em breve quero te conhecer pessoalmente tbm viu?! :D

    Um beijo ;*

    1. Oi Jessy... nao vejo a hora de vc chegar.. vamos acertar os detalhes para eu te visitar no hotel durante o seu treinamento ta!

  16. Yees, every princess needs her prince ;) it is truth :) Really cool pictures :)
    I would go to america...i hofe next year i can go :)

    1. Hey Marie, thanks for visiting =)
      yeah, make it possible for you to come!

  17. Giiiiiii amei essa fantasia.
    Que amooooor

    1. Ahhh e eu adoro que tu escreve em inglês me ajuda a treinar a leitura

    2. Oi Dri, ahh brigada e q bom q as postagens te ajudam de alguma forma *-* continue acompanhando... como está sua CNH? Bjokas

  18. Heeeyy!! Estou tentando falar com vc, mas vc eh uma pessoa muito dificil de se encontrar hahahaha.
    Acredito que seu numero mudou neh? E eu nao tenho vc no face .... procurei mas nao achei! Me manda seu numero novo , o meu eh 631 338 8791 bjs!!

    1. ai ai ai senhorita Audrey.. eu ja mandei msg pra vc no seu iMessage (seu iPad) e tb ja te textei rs Nao mudei de numero nao.. vc quem nao responde =/ E o TOEFL, fez? Bjokas

  19. Gisella!

    Eu vi um comment seu no meu blog e pensa a felicidade?! haha! O seu blog me ajudou muito na decisão de ser au pair, e no processo como um todo (apesar da diferença das agências).
    Amazing road trip and relationship with your ex hostfamily!!!

    Esperando seu post de novembro,


    1. Oi Lais, ai magna eu sempre passo pelo seu blog! E sim, te aviso qdo for pro CO pra vc me mostrar Denver e suas lindezas.. se prepara para o frio! Bjokas e parabéns pelo VISA! =D

  20. Giiii, que saudades de ler seus posts. Saudades mesmo. Juro que eu estava quase desistindo de seu au pair e por isso parei um pouco de frequentar os blogs de vocês, mas não aguentava mais, rs. Demorei um pouco mais para ler esse post, já que ele está em inglês, mas adorei... assim já dou mais uma treinadinha né *-*
    Adorei as viagens, que bom que vocês puderam se encontrar. Fiquei louca de vontade de estar aí com vocês. Faltou a Duda mesmo. E eu cliquei no blog da Paula, mas diz que não existe mais ):
    Gi, você é muito fotogênica!
    Ah, não sei se perdi alguns posts, mas você não tinha voltado pro Brasil? Está morando em NY ainda? To perdida. Ainda falta um post pra eu ler, talvez encontre essas respostas lá. :)
    Super beijos <3

    1. Oi Rô, achei q tivesse te respondido!
      Eu voltei pro Brasil em Agosto - tirei o visto de estudante e em Setembro ja estava de volta! To morando em NY de novo (na casa da mae do Mike pq ele esta na Pennsylvania a trabalho) e estou trabalhando de babá para uma família por aqui enquanto fazendo faculdade (de novo). Ahh o casamento sai ano q vem! Bjokas e não some!