Sunday, November 30

ex Au Pair, 5º mês | ME ☆

Happy Thanksgiving!
Yeah, this was my Turkey month once again! But before I started registering how my third Thanksgiving was... I made a promise last month that I would talk about my daily routine, right? 
So, if you have already seen this picture on my Instagram you might get an idea about what I had been doing this fall... studying! The course I chose is called TESOL (teaching English for students of other languages) and it's provided by Oxford Seminars but was taken at Villanova University in Philadelphia on the weekends (Saturdays and Sundays from 9am to 6pm). 
We were a class of five; Maria, Jiwook, Jeff, Aline and I. Our teacher Amanda -not the best teacher in the world- did a good job and at the end of the course, each of us planned and presented a 50-min lesson, so we could feel prepared to face our real English classes in the future in the position of being the teacher =]
me (faking) "being" an English teacher Lol
Because I had nothing to do during the week, I decided it would be good if I worked, so I did -and still am doing- I found out this website to search for families... 
The family I chose to babysit has 4 children: big brother Asher (6), big sister Delilah (3), and newborn twin sisters Noa & Livia. They're from Chappaqua, NY so I'm basically being "Bi-States" because I spend the week at Mike's mom's house in New York, and on Friday nights I drive to Pennsylvania to spend the weekends. I'm having a great experience while helping this family because I'm learning how to take care of babies! (plus I'm being paid almost 4 times more than Au Pairs usually are Lol)
OMG talking about Au Pairs, babies, Chappaqua families... remember Deborah, my ex Au Pair friend who got married last year? She is pregnant! And she works for a family in Chappaqua that is a friend of my current one! What a coincidence :) Our girls even go to school together and are like BFFs #CongratulationsDeh
Even though I love my new kids, I still miss my old ones... Thank God we're so close that I can just drive by whenever I feel like... or just FaceTime =) as I sometimes do specially with Jennifer. We took this video in her bedroom at the night I went to their house to have dinner before leaving to see Kristen's play... Love our new dance! ઇ‍ઉ
The Tempest was the Shakespeare drama Kristen participated in- being part of the main cast!
She interpreted Miranda, a teenage
girl who falls in love and almost kisses a boy!!!It was so exciting watching this scene OMG!!! You can see for yourself in the following video:
Kristen, now 16, did an amazing job, every year she gets better! Her parents were so proud that they accepted hosting a party for the cast at their house, how cool is that?!
Another important thing they had to celebrate this month was Lauren's 15th Birthday *-* Because it was Monday, I tried by best not to miss her dinner but I could only make it to her cake =P My birthday gift was taking her to the movies to watch Mockingjay, Part 1 - awesome btw. Oh, and we went to Carvel after!
This month was also my Brother's Birthday! He turned 24, the age no boys want to ever be Lol Of course, my Mom didn't let it just pass by, she made a basket with his favorite stuff, bought him some gifts and wrote a message on a balloon - so cute... I miss these special little things so much - okay, I got jealous! Happy B-day again Rodrigo! :*
Talking about Brazil (because he is there!), my two great friends from Brazil, came to New York and are leaving tomorrow :( 
My ex students' grandparents invited me to go have dinner with them at The View, that 360º restaurant in Times Square! I got really happy to see Ju, Elvio and 2 of their friends that night... 
Can you see my car?
'cause I can't =0
I planned to meet them on the next day too at Woodbury Outlet but the day started snowing so much - yeah you read it right - we had our first snow storm in November! =0 anyways, it was snowing so much that I couldn't drive that day =[
I hope you two had an awesome time and
are already thinking about coming back! thx
Then, I thought to myself "oh let's go shopping on Black Friday!" I worked on my 2 only Black Fridays so I kind of got excited to go to an Outlet this year... Well, it was by far the worst experience I've ever had in my American life!
Lines and more lines everywhere... to get in the store, to pay... I don't know if it was only crazy that way at Jersey Gardens but I will never do it again! PS: I left as soon as I saw MK line #whatawaste
But the day before was great, a day to be grateful for all the good things that has been happening all year, and I had a lot to be thankful for! Donna prepared a delicious Thanksgiving dinner for her 4 sons, brothers, sister-in-low, niece, nephew, and I ^^
Mike had to work this Thanksgiving =/ The NJ store he was building were suppose to open on Black Friday (which is a day after Thanksgiving) so he had to be there while it was being loaded with mattresses... The good thing about it is: DONE! Now he only needs to worry about PA project. #welldonefofinho
Our holiday weekend was AWESOME! Tonight we are just ending a short trip we took to MAINE, the only state in the northeast coast that was missing for me to visit. Ah, what to say about ME... it is beautiful and cold! I told my Minnesota friends, Duda and Letícia, that ME is the MN of the east cost Lol
But ME is also a huge state so we had to do a lot of research before choosing the places to go. We started with a stop at The Kittery Outlets, the town is about 4 hours and a half from NY. On the first store we walked in, we saw Santa and Mrs Claus, so cute. Mike was the one shopping, he got jeans, snow pants, a jacket, a couple t-shirts and lots of socks - I also got some socks. 
We had lunch around there and drove like another hour to get to Portland. Because it's almost winter and we're already using the daylight saving time, it's getting dark before 5pm, so we didn't have much time to explore around the town when it was still day. We visited the Portland Observatory (built in 1807) and then, we decided to go check in the hotel, but I thought Mike had booked a room for us and he thought I had done it Lol well, we didn't have a hotel room booked for the night! After driving around downtown we found a hotel called Hampton Inn and a very cool restaurant on the water called DiMillos, that of course we went to have our Saturday night dinner! Mike order a lobster again, a lazy lobster this time haha they took all the meat out of the shell for him and he was super excited because lobsters are so famous in Maine... I tried from his plate and liked it :)
Today we drove 2 more hours toward north to get to Sunday River Mountain, one of the only Ski Resorts that were already opened for the season. It was my second time snowboarding and I can tell that it felt much easier this time :) 
We stopped to have dinner before leaving ME at a traditional restaurant called Market Square, then we shared the roads for 6hrs till we get back to his Mom's house in NY... Now I'm going to sleep because it's almost midnight here and already 3am for those in Brazil 
love is beautiful!
OMG I completely forgot to comment that Mike and I went for the 1st time to an IMAX theater!
We watched Interstellar, an awesome movie we're sure will win many Oscars next year