Saturday, January 31

ex Au Pair, 7º mês | MI ☆

and 2015 has started with a...
TRIP! As you remember from my last post, Mike and I were in Brazil for the holidays :) At 2am of January 1st we were already on a plane flying back to the US but, at 8am our flight made a stop in a very warm place - MIAMI!
Miami Beach
South Beach
If you remember from my old posts, I had been to Miami before but Mike hadn't and of course, he loved it!
Nikki Beach
Because our flight back to New York would leave only at 8pm, we had a whole day to enjoy the beaches! We both noticed that even though it was Winter in Miami, the temperature felt hotter than the Southeast Brazilian Summer... Our days in BR were about 110ºF (hot but tropical - which means you don't feel like dying!) and the 85ºF from Miami was just killing us #badhumidity
Anyways, back in the very very cold weather of New York, my first stop was at my ex host family's house to give the Havaianas I brought them from Brazil. That visit turned into staying till 10pm helping Lauren organizing her closets - something I love doing! And a promise to take the 3 "little" ones to the movies on the next day, Saturday. We watched Night at the museum 3, super cool!
I also brought Havaianas for my new not host family... just Noa and Liv didn't get a pair haha I don't even think there are such small Havaianas for their feet =P
My relationship with the new family has just been great! They are amazing people and I already love them all :) The twin babies just turned 5 months and they can't act cuter *-* The 2 "big" ones became very good friends!
Actually, Delilah is my best friend ^^ she reminds me this every minute!! She's 3 now, such a big girl is learning how to do everything on her own, how I love this age =]
Oh, and she started taking Ballet lessons, I took her on her first day, she did an excellent job! She is also taking swimming lessons and she kept the gymnastic classes too #busygirl
Can't forget to talk a bit about Asher, my favorite 6 year-old boy, so sweet but energetic that loves sports, especially baseball... we got to know each other better this month with all these snow days we had in January.
I have a New Beetle, right? A very small car (not so good during the Winter)...
But the car I drive for my new family is triple size of mine that I needed a lesson on how to drive it Lol The good thing is that this family is so nice that depending in how badly the weather is or is going to be on the next day, they don't mind of me sleeping over at their house as I had to do twice already.
Snow days remind me of school... 
My College classes have started and I had to miss 2 classes because of snow, (one of them because of a fake blizzard!) I mean not only I missed but the whole class did because the school was just closed haha To be a full-time student you must take 12 credits per semester. I know it's Winter but the Spring session runs from Jan-May and this Spring I chose the 4 classes you can see in this image. Because I'm studying at a Community College, the courses usually last 2 years and you only get an associate degree. I'm taking classes towards the same degree I already have from Brazil, Childhood Education. If you'd like me talking more deep about College stuff, please leave me a comment and I'll do it next post, ok?! I was able to find classes to take and keep working to save some money for my wedding (which is booked) and of course, for some trips I'd like to take this year! The first one I took a weekend before my classes had started. The original plan was to go with Duda to Nashville but because of school, I ended up going to visit my friend Joara in Detroit, Michigan.
There's no much to do there because it isn't a touristic place. 
Also because I only spent from Saturday noon to Sunday a couple hour after noon... short time, bad weather... Joara  couldn't drive her host family's car so we counted with Alana's help, she is Joara's best friend over there, also an Au Pair. We visited Belle Isle, an island between MI and Canada... and we drove around Downtown. Saturday night, Joara took me to their favorite bar called Fifth, a fun place! Sunday my flight from Spirit airlines got cancelled and I had a big disappointment of having to book another one (not from Spirit!) on the last minute to get home. #weliveandlearn
Can you believe Alana's sister is Letícia's friend?! This world is actually so small! You remember Letícia, right? She was in Minnesota for her 1st au pair year and became Duda's best friend... Well, now she's in Dobbs Ferry, half our from me and it looks like Duda is getting jealous because I'll get to hang out with Lê during her 2nd year au pair =D We already did!! Today, we had lunch at my favorite Brazilian restaurant, Chalanas, in Mt. Vernon... Then, we visited the famous Castle on the Hudson in Tarrytown, a place where some Brazilian celebrities stay to reporter for a well-known magazine, CARAS.
Castelo de CARAS
After that, we did our nails - Letícia's first time at a nail salon in America =0 Then, right before I dropped her off we stopped at the gym, New York Sports Club, where I used to be a member while an Au Pair... I signed up again and hopefully Lê will do too! She invited me to go watch the big fight between Anderson Silva vs Nick Diaz but Mike was coming from Pennsylvania and was too tired to go out... We watched Anderson's victory from Mike's Mom's house, while I was doing my hair haha 
Last but not least... my Mom's birthday was in January so here comes my best wishes for another year of happiness, health and love - I love you Mom!
Feliz Aniversário Mãe - Te Amo