Saturday, February 28

ex Au Pair, 8º mês | Southwest coast, FL ☆

My coldest Winter.
This February was the most freezing month I've ever experienced in my entire life! Temperatures reaching below zero fahrenheit almost every day... snow storms, freezing rains, black ice, this and that... Monday classes? Oh why going to school on Mondays?? haha If you were in NY area this month you certainly understand what I'm talking about! =P Since I'm a lucky girl, I got to escape from the cold for a whole week =D The family I'm babysitting for invited me to go to Florida during the kids' Winter Break and how would I have said NO???
They literally took me to the paradise (of 70ºF!) on Gasparilla island, we stayed in Boca Grande at a beautiful house where their grandparents were escaping from the VERY cold Boston. This was a fun trip from the very beginning to the end. The twin baby gilrs did great on their FIRST TIME on a PLANE and the other two kids behaved amazing as usual ^^ 
What a cute little town *-* It was made for me... everything there is pink! I completely fell in love with that place  People drive in golf carts... and of course we did too =] I actually drove it twice! We spent some time on the beach, at a weekly local fun Market, at the 'wharf'... but mostly around the town and of course, in the pool's house! 
I think I have a little p.s. here: I've never seen so many shells together on a beach before!!! (p.s.2: they treated me with the most expensive manicure ever!) Our trip happened from the day after Valentine's until the Oscar's day Lol #goodwaytorememberit
On the weekend, I got to meet for the first time their adorable cousin girl + aunt & uncle.
Talking about this awesome family, I have to say that I'm very happy with my job... Liv & Noa are 6 months now and even though they were premature, so they "don't look like" 6-month-old babies yet, they're starting to become independent - they can hold their bottles themselves!
They also put themselves to sleep and they will be sitting soon :) Delilah is still my best friend, and so is Asher now! One of our favorite things is to play Mario Kart together... the other one is to play hide n' seek (and to listening [and dance] to uptown funk - Bruno Mars)  =) Delilah and I love picking up Asher from the bus stop.
Every time I talk about my current job... I remember of my last one (and I miss it!) - It's so good to be still close (in both ways) to them. I was invited for their SUPER-BOWL party and I loved it =D
I had so much fun that night, I'm pretty sure you can tell by the pictures above haha Those people are just like my family... I got to see again some of their neighbors and of course, enjoy the halftime show:
I also watched someone else's performance...
Jennifer is not a child anymore, next month she will turn 10 and will become a pre-teenager so our programs together is not going to a toy store anymore but, to a nail salon followed by having dinner at a restaurant ;)
Yeah, that's me using my selfie-stick again, at another restaurant, with Mike celebrating our Valentine's Day 
That Saturday, we also visited Deborah, I missed her baby shower but still had a chance to see her new home... she had that tradicional dream of "Home Ownership" and I'm so happy (and proud) that she, with her husband, got it! Next month I'll come back with a picture of their baby!!! I know she reads my blog :) so Deh, congratulations on this new wonderful phase of your life!! 
Tina and I having some fun time!
Getting back to Mike's mom's house, I had a special visit waiting for me...
Mike's cousin, Valentina, helped me organizing all my makeups and cosmetics inside my new Kipling make up bag Mike got me for Valentine's. He also gave me a Kipling binder that I'm using, of course, for my classes materials. (btw I got him a keyboard for his tablet)
Mt Vernon Campus
Now talking about my classes... this month I got some emails from blogger's readers asking stuff about my College. The most common question was how much I pay = If you are not a resident it costs you about U$6000 per semester (only 2 semesters per year) to study at WCC. It's not like in Brazil where the payment is monthly... if you have more question, please leave them on the comments and I will comment back with the answer :) or just keep emailing me, I like that too! So, I've studied a lot for this past month, then I felt like I needed to have some fun with my girlfriends... I introduced Letícia to Andressa - that introduced us her friend, Mari - and we all went to LAVO brunch, where we can party from 2-6pm on a Saturday in New York City; best way to end up my month