Saturday, February 28

ex Au Pair, 8º mês | Southwest coast, FL ☆

My coldest Winter.
This February was the most freezing month I've ever experienced in my entire life! Temperatures reaching below zero fahrenheit almost every day... snow storms, freezing rains, black ice, this and that... Monday classes? Oh why going to school on Mondays?? haha If you were in NY area this month you certainly understand what I'm talking about! =P Since I'm a lucky girl, I got to escape from the cold for a whole week =D The family I'm babysitting for invited me to go to Florida during the kids' Winter Break and how would I have said NO???
They literally took me to the paradise (of 70ºF!) on Gasparilla island, we stayed in Boca Grande at a beautiful house where their grandparents were escaping from the VERY cold Boston. This was a fun trip from the very beginning to the end. The twin baby gilrs did great on their FIRST TIME on a PLANE and the other two kids behaved amazing as usual ^^ 
What a cute little town *-* It was made for me... everything there is pink! I completely fell in love with that place  People drive in golf carts... and of course we did too =] I actually drove it twice! We spent some time on the beach, at a weekly local fun Market, at the 'wharf'... but mostly around the town and of course, in the pool's house! 
I think I have a little p.s. here: I've never seen so many shells together on a beach before!!! (p.s.2: they treated me with the most expensive manicure ever!) Our trip happened from the day after Valentine's until the Oscar's day Lol #goodwaytorememberit
On the weekend, I got to meet for the first time their adorable cousin girl + aunt & uncle.
Talking about this awesome family, I have to say that I'm very happy with my job... Liv & Noa are 6 months now and even though they were premature, so they "don't look like" 6-month-old babies yet, they're starting to become independent - they can hold their bottles themselves!
They also put themselves to sleep and they will be sitting soon :) Delilah is still my best friend, and so is Asher now! One of our favorite things is to play Mario Kart together... the other one is to play hide n' seek (and to listening [and dance] to uptown funk - Bruno Mars)  =) Delilah and I love picking up Asher from the bus stop.
Every time I talk about my current job... I remember of my last one (and I miss it!) - It's so good to be still close (in both ways) to them. I was invited for their SUPER-BOWL party and I loved it =D
I had so much fun that night, I'm pretty sure you can tell by the pictures above haha Those people are just like my family... I got to see again some of their neighbors and of course, enjoy the halftime show:
I also watched someone else's performance...
Jennifer is not a child anymore, next month she will turn 10 and will become a pre-teenager so our programs together is not going to a toy store anymore but, to a nail salon followed by having dinner at a restaurant ;)
Yeah, that's me using my selfie-stick again, at another restaurant, with Mike celebrating our Valentine's Day 
That Saturday, we also visited Deborah, I missed her baby shower but still had a chance to see her new home... she had that tradicional dream of "Home Ownership" and I'm so happy (and proud) that she, with her husband, got it! Next month I'll come back with a picture of their baby!!! I know she reads my blog :) so Deh, congratulations on this new wonderful phase of your life!! 
Tina and I having some fun time!
Getting back to Mike's mom's house, I had a special visit waiting for me...
Mike's cousin, Valentina, helped me organizing all my makeups and cosmetics inside my new Kipling make up bag Mike got me for Valentine's. He also gave me a Kipling binder that I'm using, of course, for my classes materials. (btw I got him a keyboard for his tablet)
Mt Vernon Campus
Now talking about my classes... this month I got some emails from blogger's readers asking stuff about my College. The most common question was how much I pay = If you are not a resident it costs you about U$6000 per semester (only 2 semesters per year) to study at WCC. It's not like in Brazil where the payment is monthly... if you have more question, please leave them on the comments and I will comment back with the answer :) or just keep emailing me, I like that too! So, I've studied a lot for this past month, then I felt like I needed to have some fun with my girlfriends... I introduced Letícia to Andressa - that introduced us her friend, Mari - and we all went to LAVO brunch, where we can party from 2-6pm on a Saturday in New York City; best way to end up my month 


  1. Oiie Gi,
    Vocêe suas ótimas histórias, a próxima vez você pode falar como é o trabalho de nanny, quanto eles pagam pra maioria, como funciona pra quer pretende ficar nos states depois que os dois anos acabar :)
    Acabei de fechar meu match :D :D ;D
    Vou agora escrever lá no blog, aparece lá.
    Beijoo beijo

    1. Lê... PARABENS pelo match q noticia boa, com certeza irei ler seu post =]
      acho q eu ja dei uma explicada por aqui antes... não sou nanny pq não moro com a família, enato sou babysitter mesmo... e a media é entre 10 e 25 dolares por hora dependendo da região q a família mora e da experiência da babá... sobre ficar por aqui após o au pair, ou se muda o status do visto para B2 (turista) ou F1 (estudante).. quem sabe eu não faça um video e poste no youtube contando mais sobre isso :) Bjokas e Boa Sorte!

    2. Giii, te respondi no meu blog, mais resolvi te mandar o email aqui também,

    3. Thx Lê... vou te mandar um email agorinha.. Bjs

  2. Hii!! I was looking forward to see your post! Great month :) xoxo

    1. Next post will be even greater... you will be in it! WELCOME to AMERICA Jess!!

  3. Hi Gi!
    You are really a luck girl running away of the cold and going to florida!! Haha!
    Everything in pink??? This is amazing!!! Hahaha!
    I think very nice you keep contact with your ex host family...
    So... talk more about your college... is it harder than study in Brazil? I mean study in english is harder? And in terms of quality the universities are better?
    Ps: your posts are helping me with my english...hahaha... I am surprised. because i'm understanding everything you write! Haha! Well, some words i need to search for the translation... but only to some words! Haha!
    Thank you Gi!!! :D
    Beijinhos! :D

    1. Hi Thamy! I'm so glad my posts in English have been helping you to improve your Reading skill =] Do you want to improve your Listening skill as well? if so, check out my first YouTube video in my channel!

      Studying in America can be as difficult as it is when studying in Brazil or anywhere else.. if you like studying and have lots of extra time, it can be easier though.
      About the language, I think it will depend.. I am fluent in English, so far I didn't have much problems understanding my Professors or the textbooks.. I'll tell you later how I did on my tests Lol
      I'm that person who thinks that the students themselves make the school to be good or not by how much effort they put into studying... In Brazil there are several excelente public Universities and lots of horrible small private Colleges, right? Well, here you can pay to study at a "public" - State University (Community College). I can't say for other schools, but WCC (where I'm studying) is pretty good, we have the Academic Support Service with free tutors every day to help you with a lesson/exercise you're having trouble with.
      In general, I'm very happy I'm able to follow my American classmates.. I'm kinda of learning everything over again because I'm taking the same degree I already have.... I just wish I had more time to study at home =/

    2. Hi Gi!
      Ok... Thank you!! I'm glad that you are happy with your studies!! :D
      Where i find you on you tube? How is the name of your channel?

    3. Thamy, I see that you found me on YouTube! I think the link is like and the channel as you saw looks just like my blog! I'll try to post one video every month... bjs

  4. Gi que bom que tu conseguiu fugir do inverno por alguns dias!!
    mas aqui em MN foi muito menos terrivel que ano passado. deu pra contar nos dedos os dias que deu temperatura below 0ºF, as snowstorms entao, quase nao teve. os americans estavam todos comentando que esse ano quem ficou com a neve foi o povo da East Coast, principalmente em boston haha Graças a Deus n nevou mt aqui, pq esse ano comecei a dirigir as kids e tava um pouco preocupada com a neve.
    enfim,acho que é como a leticia diz, o inverno ta seguindo ela hahaha

    1. ai Duda nem me fala.. aqueles 8 dias foram minha salvação.. tudo bem q perdi algumas aulas, mas fiquei warm rs Menina, MN não teve inverno mesmo entao! q beleza heim... e ai q legal q tu ta dirigindo suas kids! sua rotina mudou mto esse ano? tipo, a quarta kid fez seu schedule mudar mto? e o boyfriend?? acredito q ta todo mundo querendo saber mais sobre isso no seu blog, não? hehe Bjoka e nós sempre firme e forte com nossos posts! (mesmo q atrasados as vezes!)

    2. hahaha verdade, firme e forte postando kk vou me esforcar mais pra atrasar menos agora rs meu schedule num todo n mudou em nada, mudou a rotina com as kids so, inclusive postei sobre isso ontem rs sobre o boyfriend eu n ia postar nada nao viu, mas agr que tem um comeco meio e fim pra historia, de repente eu comente algo rs
      bjsss and enjoy spring :)

  5. Oi Gisella linda!! Já arrumei o que escrevi errado lá no post!! Sorry generalizar que vocês já tinham casado!! Mas eu sei que vocês vão :p tu sempre diz que o Mike é o 'the one'! Pra mim já estão todas casadas quando dizem sim :p haja
    Meu nome é Suélen!! Não sei se tu adiciona as meninas no face, mas se quiser me adicionar lá é Suélen Breier :D eu ficaria feliz :D consegui ler todo esse teu post sem achar chato, tenho que me acostumar, to enferrujando de novo no inglês pela falta de pratica :/
    É tao bom que você esta estudando na sua área. E ta trabalhando com isso também, né?! E o melhor: ganhando muito mais do que ganharia aqui no Brasil. Como funciona o curso? Ele tem nivel superior? E duração de quanto tempo?

    1. Oie Su!! ahh tah!!! eu não tenho FaceBook.... só Instagram e agora um canal no YouTube rs
      Então, respondendo suas perguntinhas:
      estou estudando pedagogia (de novo! eu ja fiz isso no BR).. Não é "curso", é Faculdade mesmo, e facul é nível superior pq precisa ter ensino médio completo(high school) para cursar.. A duração varia pq tem alunos q fazem mais matérias q outros por semestre, mas no geral é entre 2 e 3 anos... daí pode continuar e ir se especializando do mesmo jeito q no BR...
      Com o visto de estudante não se pode trabalhar - portanto sou apenas babysitter mesmo, pq recebo em cash, ou seja, o governo não sabe q trabalho (não pago taxas) - o q é um trab relacionado com crianças, mas não a minha área - de ser educadora e tal.. trabalhar em pre-escolas, etc..
      Bjokas e continue postando!!

    2. Oi Gi!! Entendi... Então a faculdade você fez aqui no Brasil não deu pra aproveitar aí?
      Já solicitei pra te seguir no insta (: não sabia que você não tem face! :b

    3. Jé estou te seguindo no Insta tb =]
      qto a facul.. com meu diploma de pedagogia do BR fica quase impossível conseguir atuar como professora aqui (na rede publica nem da pra aplicar), entao estou fazendo isso de novo.. claro q algumas matérias como filosofia, sociologia, etc.. consegui eliminar, mas varias outras não fiz no BR e algumas q fiz no BR, não tem aqui - a grade curricular é BEM diferente. Espero q tenha te esclarecido! bjoka

  6. Amiga demorei para aparecer por aqui, mas consegui rs \o/
    Amei tudo rosa, tudo lindo <3
    E os pequenos são as coisinhas mais fofas do mundo :3
    Novamente, como acho lindo sua relação com sua família americana II ;)
    O carinho que eles tem por você e você por eles fica super claro nas fotos dos momentos fofos <3
    E ebaaaa, fico feliz demais por você, tenho certeza que está tirando a faculdade de letra \o/
    E você merece sim, passear e descansar \o/ rs
    E Felicidades para a sua amiga, muitas bençãos <3
    Saudadeeee já
    Fica com Deus :3

  7. Eitaa é a Bruninha hahahaha
    Login do marido aqui ,,, peraiii kkkkkkkkkkk

    1. Pronto hahahaa
      Mas acho que enchi aqui de comentário hahahaa

      Foi sem querer, desculpa hahaha


    2. Bruninha sua fofa! imagina.. eu tb demorei pra postar esse mes por causa da correria... mas enfim, saudades dos nossos super audios! vcs tb merecem passear e descansar - nao vejo a hora por vcs!! ps: a Jessika chegou!!! mes q vem o post vai ser otimo! Bjokasssss

  8. hey there my dear :) cool post !its pretty!

    Visit my pages if you like and maybe you would like to follow each other? let me know and leave me your links aswell

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    1. Hi.. thx..I'm following you on your blog.. (don't use FB)

  9. Gi,
    I got "lucky" with the coldest winter hahha
    I am also happy for with the Florida trip, even for one week I bet was amazing!!!

    1. I know Tha... very lucky.. Lol and yeah it was!! Bjoka