Tuesday, March 31

ex Au Pair, 9º mês | TX ☆ AR ☆ OK

Happy 3 years in America!
Yep... Now I can say that it's been three years since I left Brazil... and guess what? In order to 'celebrate' my 3-year anniversary of living in the U.S. I answered an Au Pair TAG as my 1st YouTube video, check it out and let me know how you liked it =)

My gift was going to the movies to see CINDERELLA ^^ and my company for this was my beautiful friend Letícia who picked me up and drove us to the IMAX theater at my favorite mall, Palisades =D I don't think I even need to say that I really loved this movie, right?! Something else I watched and also loved was again Kristen's play for her High School... Urinetown was the most funniest play/musical ever!!! Kristen's part was being a gay guy and of course - she did it amazing :) Everyone is always very proud of her work because she gives all her best in everything she does. #congratsKris10
Kristen&Lauren wearing the
Havaianas I got them from BR!
OMG and Kristen, Lauren and Carol Ann went for a week to Haiti for a wonderful Volunteer Project... 
braces on!
They left on Carol Ann's birthday and the day before, Matthew became a teenager - yes, it was his 13th birthday!
During that week... Jennifer became a pre-teen; her 10th birthday happened while her Mom & big Sisters were gone but I got to celebrate a little bit of it with her :)
We went shopping at Target, then had dinner at Diner, and then visited her grandparents, who I was missing so much!
Now, they are back from Haiti but the whole family is now gone to Mexico enjoying their Spring Break week!
Someone else very special also celebrated her birthday this month, my friend Talita (the girl wearing blue) turned 30!!! #parabénsTalitampa And look how she got to celebrate it... going to the streets with our friends to protest against the current Brazilian's President, Dilma #éissogalera
Raiane, Gabi&Gabi, Isa and I
Enough with birthdays, let's talk about my other Brazilian friends who arrived this month as Au Pairs here in the US... I got to visit them during their APIA training week! Good luck girls, hope you're all enjoying your new life style; I'm looking forward to see you all again!
"mimos" from Jess
And the most waited person also finally got here... 
My friend Jessika who I suggested to be the new Au Pair of my current family's cousins just got here two weeks ago and I'm super happy because we're so close! Delilah and Chloe are cousins and same age, so we already had playdate, twice :)
Delilah & I + Chloe & Jessika
Jess, Lê and I
Jessika shared her first week with the German Au Pair that was leaving and on the weekend we went to her farewell at Brazen Fox then I got to introduce Jessika to my friend Leticia...
Andressa, Leticia and Jessika
Last Sunday, my 3 favorite friends from America were together on a tour around NYC... Andressa invited them - how nice of her! #thxforthepic
Since I mentioned Delilah, let me write about how I had lots of fun with her this month - and of course, with the whole family... The twin girls just turned 7 months, now they will have three meals a day + bottles + breast milk still, soon they'll be able to feed "little food" themselves ^^ #loveLIV&NOAsomuch
Asher and I are still so into Mario Kart and this month we got new remotes so everyone can play together now! And, we got snow on the first day of Spring...
It's okay though because there is NO snow in Texas! Lol Yep, the trip of the month was to visit 3 South states, Texas, Arkansas and Oklahoma! Mike and I started flying from Philly on a Saturday super early... we made a stop in Houston then flew to Dallas/Forth Worth airport. Our first tour was around Stockyard in Fort Worth, our both favorite part of this weekend trip!
You can have a lot of fun on Exchange Ave where a Herd Cattle Drive happens every day at 11:30am and you can also find a 2$ museum and walk on stars of country stars - Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame!
There is also, of course, a Rodeo at Cowtown Coliseum super fun (15$)... and so many country stuff for you to look at (and take pictures of!). Don't forget the Visitor's Center, there's a nice picture on the wall and you can get a cute free map.
Mike found out that you can drink alcohol on the streets over there, so he tried some Texas beer's brands. I found a bull on the street and wanted to go on top of it Lol
We were really feeling like we were in one of those old west movies... the whole atmosphere there is different! On Main street we picked the Cattlemen's restaurant to eat lunch and it was delicious (there was a funny sign saying "no handguns please" - you know that in Texas people can easily buy a gun!) =P
After finishing everything in that neighborhood, we took a 1.75$ bus to downtown - a place you should go if you're around - very historic and we love the Water Gardens!
From there we took a (3 levels!) train... It costs only 5$ to get to Dallas from there and the ride lasts 50 minutes but it was a good way to rest!
The train station called Union was one of the places that was on our list to visit and our train stopped there so it was perfect! (saying that because our original plan was to take a bus to Dallas, not a train haha). It started raining when we got there so we decided not to walk much as we had planned to do because Dallas has a lot of sculptures on the streets; So we just visited a JFK memorial (he was killed in TX!) then we went to the Reunion Tower (16$) to check the view from up there. After, we had dinner at a small local place; and for last, we went to a very fun karaoke bar - we didn't sing because we were embarrassed by our accents, people from the south speak very different haha
At midnight our Greyhound bus left Dallas, TX on the way to Fort Smith, AR. That was the worst part of the trip because Mike and I didn't get to sit together and the person next to me were not being a bit polite =/ 
In the morning, at around 7am of Sunday, we were "getting ready" to quickly visit Fort Smith, a little town where we had a great American breakfast at a place called Calico. All the stores were closed on Main Street, then we went back to the bus station where we took another bus to Oklahoma City, OK and got there at lunch time (but we were not hungry yet!).
It was very hot in OKC and everything there is all spread out then we decided to take a tour only around downtown... We took a Water Taxi tour that through a canal showed us pretty much all the history of OKC; and then we rented segways to "drive" around #fun
Our flight back to Philly left from OKC but stopped in Atlanta, GA and while there my friend Deborah texted me the biggest news: She had just delivered her baby! 
It's a boy, his name is Antonio and I visited him when he was 6 days old... SO CUTE! Congrats to the new parents and all the happiness with your little angel ^^

Mike and I tried the new Häagen-Dazs Brigadeiro AND my fofinho got me a mini cake for my 3-year anniversary of America - amo, amo, amo! #love