Thursday, April 30

ex Au Pair, 10º mês | Cherry Blossoms, DC ☆

Happy Easter (and Passover)!
This religious holiday was celebrated in April this year and for the first time, besides going to the beautiful St. Augustine Church for the Easter Sunday Mass with Mike and his family, I also experienced this time of the year in the way the Jewish people do. On the Saturday before Easter, the family I'm working for invited me for their Seder and all of them were very patient explaining each part of the Passover tradition. 
St Augustine Church - Ossining, NY
There were different kinds of food (and yummy desserts!) and I'm very thankful I was able to learn something knew! To celebrate my Easter, Tina, Mikey and I decorated boiled eggs with Donna's help to be hunted on the next day. Mike got me Easter Bunny chocolate and I found Brazilian Easter Egg for us when my friends Letícia and Jéssika went to this Brazilian community in Mt Vernon to have a delicious lunch at my favorite restaurant, Chalanas. On Easter, I also visited my ex host family, I got them five Easter Bunnies made with my favorite Brazilian chocolate brand, Lacta, and I learned about their trip to Haiti and Mexico :) #alottotalkabout
And guess who else went on a trip? ME!!! Following my goal of traveling once a month, I chose going back to the Capitol of the US - Washington, DC to check out their Springtime with their lovely cherry trees. The people who joined me on this weekend trip were my bests, Andressa, Letícia and Jéssika.
Since Philadelphia is kinda on the way, and very close to Mike's apartment, where we spent Saturday night, we thought it was cool to take a short tour around Philly and in a couple of hours we pretty much visited all of the most touristic places, only missing the Liberty Bell because its observatory closes at 5pm. We also went shopping there! Jess and I bought the same MK purse and Dessa and I got the same Ray Ban sunglasses... only Lê saved $ Lol Of course we had for dinner the famous Philadelphia Cheesesteak at Geno's Steaks =P 
On the way back to Mike's place something terrible happened - we got into an accident! =0 Okay, it was not so bad... the car in front of me made a short stop and I did not have enough time to break to a full stop, then I crushed into that car which had also stopped because of the car in front of it.
It took us about an hour to get out of that situation and we were just grateful none of us got hurt. Mike picked us up on his car and we got home safe and sound for our cute sleep over ^^ On the next day, Sunday, a beautiful sunny one, driving Mike's car, we got to DC!
We actually parked the car in Maryland and there we met Liliany, a blogger's friend from a long time... I am so happy I got to meet her - Lily, you're such a sweetheart :) She and her friends took the subway with us to where the Cherry Blossoms Festival was happening. We all had an awesome time, it was Jéssika's first time in DC but second for Andressa, Letícia and I. Even though DC gets very crowed during this festival, you should let to visit DC during this time, the flowers will answer you why!!! 
Well, about my car... since it was not worth to fix the damage because the Beetle was 10 years old and since Mike was thinking about getting a bigger car, we decided that I would keep his Jeep and he treated himself with a Ford pickup truck... What a nice Birthday gift =D Yeah, it was Mike's B-DAY this April!!! I could't ask for a better fiancé - I love you :*
Happy 26th Birthday fofinho - you're my everything 
Lê, our friendship
goes beyond 
Guess who else blew candles this month? (at Central Park, with a Summer weather, excuse me.) Letícia! I'm not gonna say how old she turned because we were both born in 1987 so we know how it feels like to become a grandma... 
Cheers to the B-day lady girl!
Wait, do grandmas go out to clubs? #Idon'tthinkso
See Jéssika right there with us? She won't go back there anymore :( at least for a while... she is back in Brazil! Jess got here last month and for her, the Au Pair life only lasted 1 month. She was not happy with her host family and when things are not going well, the Au Pair has the right to ask for a Rematch. 
Jéssika did it, spent this process period with me but didn't match with another family having to go back home - which was not a problem at all because she is actually very happy and her family and boyfriend are too!
by Jess
I will miss getting my nails done with you... but will never forget we shared strong life experiences together, good luck back in Brazil and I see you soon :*
OMG and Jéssika was there when I opened my 1st Ipsy bag! I finally signed up for this 10$/month beauty thing, I really liked the products from the April's bag, let's see next month...
Do you wanna see more beauty? Check out these babies outfits then! haha
Livia and Noa turned 8 months and now things are really changing... Starting from Liv getting her 1st tooth and starting to crawl! Noa didn't get a tooth neither is crawling yet, but she "talks" more than me!!!
And now that is nice out, I'm taking them for walks everyday :)

I found a great partner for scooter rides... We totally said good-bye to the indoor games... and hello to baseball, golf, and OMG Asher learned how to ride his big bike without the training wheels:
last time playing Wii

And we found fun in the kitchen!
Delilah, Asher and I made a great team 'rolling' brigadeiros and eating putting sprinkles on them!
It was the first time I made brigadeiros with Hershey's chocolate, I hope next time I get it better... 
It was not so perfect at the end but everyone love them anyway.
Specially Delilah and I... we have so much in common, we both can't live without chocolate and we both love princesses and pink (and purple!) and Frozen so much! On April 1st (the day Asher got me with a lot of April's Fool tricks), Dee and I went to the movies to have a girls time and it was more than a great time, it was special *-*

Someone else that also knows I love pink is my cousin-to-be Tina... look at the poster she made for her room's door.. isn't it to die for? Thanks Tina, I love it and you so much!!
And to finish this post, a picture of Antonio, Deborah's son who turned 1 month already... Isn't this cute baby to die for?! Sorry about posting late but my College finals were killing me all my free time! =*