Sunday, May 31

ex Au Pair, 11º mês | Cape Cod, MA ☆

Happy Mother's Day! 
May is a month to celebrate with our Moms and this has been the 4th one I didn't get to be with mine :'( But we Skyped for like 3 hours and she got my card. And I made one with my kids for their Mom too!    
My Grandma hanging
 out with my Mom
and Brother at the
Mall on Mother's
Day Sunday

This May was also the month of Jack's 1st Communion and of course I did not miss that party!
As his gift we went on a date Lol as Jack's wish, I took him to the movies to see Tomorrowland, from Disney and we really enjoyed it! No more than our popcorn, Coke and candy after a Diner to-go-grilled cheese we had inside the theater =P #congratsJack
Also, it was the Babies Naming this month :) Liv & Noa received their Hebrew names in their Jewish tradition (this is kind of a Baptism for the Catholics)
Delilah had her 1st Ballet recital this month and now her lessons are over until the Summer is over...
Everyone went to see Dee performing,
Mom, Dad, baby sisters and Asher!
I'm also very proud of Asher, who has been making his bed every single morning since the beginning of May #goodjob
We did a good job trying the brigadeiros again... they were even more yummy this time!
Brigadeiros remind me of birthday... and this month, Liv & Noa turned 9 months old and look how much more fun their lives are getting! Liv has got her second tooth and Noa is getting two teeth at the same time and now they both can crawl, but they love standing better. Also, they've been noticing each other and it's clearly how they communicate between them two. #inlovewiththesebabies
I got a chance to spend the Memorial Day weekend with "my" babies... I travelled to Cape Cod in MA with the family I work for. We went to the grandparents beach house. The car ride was long, 5 hours, but it was worth the trip because that place is fantastic and I love the room they picked for me :) ps. OMG grandma has a convertible beetle!
Asher and Delilah took me on a tour and I was introduced to their "cousins" from Haiti, two lovely 12-year-old girls. I showed Asher how I used to build sand castles with my Mom when I was his age #dripcastles and he showed me his favorite ice cream store from over there, Sundae School!
Saturday they had a Bar Mitzvah in Boston...
Since I was not 'invited' to the party I still went to Boston and took a train to downtown so I could finally see the flag garden of 37k of American flags. I hate being by myself and I had not found a company for that visit, but guess what? there was a girl visiting Boston on her own as well and we became friends! Carola is an Au Pair from Italy, she lives half hour from me =) #whatacoincidence
While I was in Massachusetts something not nice happened to my Mom's car... someone tried to steal it =0 Thank Goodness my Mom was not in the car but it happened during the day at a parking lot of a grocery store, unfortunately Brazil has only disappointed me lately.
Talking about cars in not a nice way, I got a flat tire this month =( maybe that thing about breaking a mirror is true #hopefullynot Lol OMG I drove Mike's new car for the first time this month... it's huge! and Mike drives the Jeep on the weekends because he says he misses it...
We love going out for ice cream but this month we found a very nice Italian restaurant very close to his apartment in PA, we will definitely go back there soon again
Specially now that I'm planning on being gone to PA every single Friday night since my College classes are over! 
I can't believe I've survived this semester and have passed my 4 classes with okay grades. It was not easy to study while working 45h/week but I guess I made it :)
Deborah always texts me asking when I'm coming to visit her son Antonio who now is 2 months old... hold on my friend, I'll be there! Can't wait to hold this cute baby *-*
Obrigada meninas! ;)
And of course, I couldn't let the month pass by without hanging out with my bests Letícia and Andressa. My old friend Talita who was an Au Pair when I was (she'd been here on my blog several times) joined us for our fun night! :*