Tuesday, June 30

ex Au Pair, 12º mês | TN ☆ KY ☆ IN ☆ WI

1 year as an EX-Au Pair
This was my 40th month living in the United States =) Everything has been going so fast that sometimes it's even hard to believe... I was thinking to myself the other day "Will I be an EX au pair for the rest of my life?" Lol Then, I decided to continue with my ex Au Pair, ??º month for another year still, until my wedding, and then since I'll be starting a new phase in my life (and won't need a visa anymore!) I'll think about a new title for my monthly posts because there is no chances for me to stop blogging... I love all the memories I've been saving here every month ^^
Memories like this one, about another fun weekend trip taken with Mike, my lovely fiancee. This month we've chosen going to the South and Midwest, to 4 new states...
We started leaving from Philly on the first Saturday of the month super early to fly for the first time with Southwest airlines, and we liked it. At the airport in Nashville, Tennessee people were very nice, at Starbucks and while renting our car at Hertz.
Our first stop was at 10am at Country Music Hall of Fame, it was so worth the 25$ spent to get in there! Everything about Taylor Swift and Elvis Presley... and a cute game that tests how good you are about music.
After there, we kept the car at their parking lot and walked to downtown where on Broadway, music comes to life! Every single bar or restaurant you walk in you will see live bands performing and it was at day time... We had lunch while listening to country songs.
As dessert, we had ice cream and chocolates at Savannah Candy Kitchen, a delicious candy store right on Broadway =P After that our intention was to visit the Ryman Auditorium but the tickets were sold out =/ so, we drove to the Grand Ole Opry, but the tour which takes you to its stage was also sold out :(
From there, because it was already 4pm, we left towards the next state, Kentucky. We chose to visit Louisville, the largest city of KY.
The ride took us 2 hours and a half but there was a time difference of 1 hour that made us get there at around 7:30pm. Our hotel was located on the 4th Street, the most famous street over there. After checking in, Mike and I went for a walk tour around the downtown area where we saw a lot of old and beautiful buildings. At night, we went back on the  middle of Fourth Live Street to have a nice dinner at Maker's Mark. There're many bars (you just need to pay 10$ to go up on the street's escalator!) that you can keep switching around holding your drinks and in one of them there's a mechanical bull that we noticed is more ridden for girls (even those wearing dresses and skirts!) which kind of choked us, now we have this unfortunate bad view about southern girls... it was a pretty fun night though ;)
To post here I chose a girl dressed more appropriate for doing this
On the next day, Sunday, after the hotel breakfast Mike drove us to our 3rd state, Indiana, to its Capital, Indianapolis, or more known as just Indy :) We got there at 11am and went to the center of downtown to see the view of the whole city from the top of the Soldier's and Sailors Monument Circle (that was being renovated). It's pretty high so we paid 2$ to use the elevator up and down... 
google image
From there we headed to the Motor Speedway to learn a bit more about Formula One. At their museum I found a picture of Barrichello but nothing about Senna =[ 
We didn't have enough time to take the 30$ tour that takes you to the track and podium but I'm sure it can be cool. Before leaving IN, we stopped at a Drive-In to order a famous Breaded Pork Tenderloin, a must have if you're there.
At 2pm we left to our last state, Wisconsin. Mike didn't want to include this state on this trip... I can understand why, it's pretty far from the other 3 states Lol But since my goal is to visit all the 50 ones (and I didn't think about going there while I was in MN with Duda and Lê!). Anyways, I found Milwaukee to be the city for that state, it's kinda South of WI and close to Chicago, where we could find good flights back home. 
So, since the drive took us 3 hours and a half - good thing we made an extra hour with the time difference from IN - we only had an hour to spend exploring WI, which we can say it's very quiet and well planned. You can actually get a ferry and cross the lake to get in Michigan, to the spot I visited in January. 
Oh and how could I forget, on the way to get there we saw hundreds of windmills and the weather transforming from very sunny to heavy rain in seconds. We flew Southwest back to Philly at 10pm from Chicago airport after returning the car (that had an Illinois license plate - so we basically did a favor for that renting company! haha).
It was a fun and Mike made it also into a romantic trip *-* Romantic as this new couple... Kristen & Matt, he invited her to his Prom Party because he just graduated from High School and now they're dating! S2
Before the girls left to Summer camp Lauren and I finally got to go to Six Flags, the New Jersey amusement park with the craziest roller coasters ever. With the flash pass (platinum) we were able to go to 11 rides, even to repeat some. We did not leave the park before going to the tallest and fasted, Kingda Ka =0 #wemadeit
To say good-bye to Jennifer, I invited her and Jack to see Inside Out, the new Disney movie with the neighbors of the Palisades Mall, Tina and Mikey, my cousins-to-be!
We all just love that movie so much, and they love each other becoming friends very quickly!
Who is growing up so quickly is this cute little boy, Antonio ^^ #3mo
It was his mommy's 30th birthday and I got to have a moment with the easiest baby, he's so calm and awwww I'm sure it was so far the happiest birthday of Deborah's life! =)
Another great friend of mine celebrated her birthday this month, Talita! She chose a karaoke night and I was there singing with her on her B-day! =]
Oh forgot to say that on the 13th (the day Asher turned 7!) Donna had a special family dinner to celebrate St. Anthony... it's a tradition from her country and culture (got to see Tina and Mikey again!).
As I mentioned, it was also Asher's birthday this June! He had some school friends for a late over with a lot of yard games, pizza, ice cream sundae and cake! =P
Now, let's talk about my baby girls... They're 10 months and couldn't be more happy... all the time! Just like me... I'm the happiest to babysit them, they're walking holding to things, eating everything, they both have 4 teeth each! They love watching the rain and their new music class! I LOVE Liv and Noa! S2
I also love my best friend great swimmer, Delilah.
She is the sweetest big sister, already going to Summer camp and to the town playground with me! It's always fun to share specials moments like that day with Deedee :)
In that same day, I visited my new friend, Letícia, who came as an Au Pair (with a great English!) and is living in Colorado... She had her 1st McDonald's with me *-*
Maybe I'll get to see her soon again on the trip I'll be taking with Carola, the girl I met last month in Boston! We've met again to start planning it...
I also met for the first time Juliana, she knows me from my blog and we have been living so close for over a year but only got to meet this month, in the city! She is very nice (from Rio!) and gave me so many good tips for my next month trip to Hawaii - (yes!!!).
And the same story happened again a week later, when I finally met for the first time my blogger friend, Thaís! She's been an Au Pair for more than half year already in a town less than half hour away from where I am and we could never make it happened. But this month we did! We went to Chalanas, my favorite Brazilian restaurant to have lunch with her friend Gabi (I'd met her in the hotel training before!) and my friend, the other Letícia! It was so nice meeting Tha, it's just like Duda described when I saw her "it's like the person came out of the computer screen!" hahaha
Thaís, Gabi, Lê and I
The Sunday I went to the city (and met Ju) I was with the company of my best friends Andressa and Letícia. Andressa can become a NYC tour guide because she knows how to get to the best places in the best ways - I'm horrible with the subway directions - but she was there to guide us! We took Letícia for her 1st visit at the FRIENDS building, the Carrie's apartment, to eat the Spider Man's pizza... then we crossed the Brooklyn Bridge and we all visited for the first time the new One World Trade Center building that from its 100th floor you are able to see the whole NYC!!! And we just LOVE the city - look at us in Times Square! S2

Mike and I also love NY and we can't wait till his project in Pennsylvania is done so he can move back... In the meanwhile, we're keep enjoying around where he lives, on father's day we went out for dinner :) Wow what a month! When I was an Au Pair I did a retrospective at the end of my first and second years, remember? I'm not going to do such thing at this time... I had 3 extra months with my ex host family that messed up things a little bit haha I started considering myself as an ex Au Pair in July which should actually had been in April and I also didn't find another job till the end of September, neither started College till last January... 
So, let's just talk about how I feel after all this months out of my Au Pair life *-* In one of those 3 extras months (I was a B2 at that time), I wrote about my relationship with my host parents and about my English right after have finished my 2nd Au Pair year. What I can say now is that my relationship with them kept the same, we're still friends and since they don't have an Au Pair anymore (even while she was still there) they've asked me if I would come back to work for them but my relationship with my current 'bosses' is like even more informal, I don't know if the fact they're always home talking to me all day long makes me more comfortable but I don't have that problem of making English mistakes while talking back to them as I used to have while an Au Pair. Also, now that I'm a College student with American classmates I can noticeably see how fluent I've got... and it's been a year since I started writing my posts in English... Mike could say I've improved because I stopped checking with him Lol