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ex Au Pair, 13° mês | Oahu - Hawaii ☆

A L O H A !!!
Is 13 a good luck number? I started my 13th month as an ex Au Pair having a week Summer vacation from my job and so was my friend Letícia having hers!
No, we didn't stay in Vegas =(
Our final destination was HI =)
We picked the most beautiful state in the US to go to: HAWAII *-* There are 8 main islands in Hawaii - Niihau, Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Kahoolawe, Maui and Island of Hawaii more known as "Big Island". We visited OAHU, the most popular island for the tourists and is also there where the capital of Hawaii, Honolulu, is located. Our flight left New York on a Saturday at 10pm and got to Las Vegas at midnight. From there we flew to Honolulu at 2am and arrived at 5am. At the airport we bought a round trip shuttle to Waikiki, where we stayed for all our 6 nights. The shuttle left Honolulu airport at 5:30am and dropped us off in front of our hostel a little before 6am and it cost us 30$. We chose staying at the Waikiki Beachside Hostel because it's SO affordable and has a great location. Our semi-private room cost each of us 250$ for the 6 nights.
downtown Honolulu
Because the check in time was only at 2pm we asked for them to keep our luggage there so we could go for a walk. We bought our breakfast at an ABC Store (there are over 50 ABC's in Waikiki Lol) then we walked to the Walmart to buy snacks for our week and snorkel masks (8$). After, we visited the Iolani Palace, built in the 1800's... That day our lunch was at McDonald's and we found the prices as the same as they are here in NY except that they have rice in the menu... I don't know if it's because it was almost in Chinatown or because there are numerous Asian people in HI. We took a bus back to the hostel and we learned that the buses don't give you change, so you should have 2.50$ for each ride (but you can ride once again on the same day).
We fell asleep as soon as we got to the room, our bodies were begging for recovery from jet lag... But on our next morning we were all ready to start exploring Hawaii. We took a bus to Hanauma Bay, in my opinion, the most gorgeous place on the Oahu island.
To go down to the beach, the entrance costs 7.5$ and it's required to watch a 15min video explaining how to treat the bay and more. Oh, and Hanauma Bay is closed on Tuesdays!
Letícia and I went swimming and the water felt so good, the temperature is just like it is in Brazil, not freezing like it is over here, on the east cost! Snorkeling we were able to see different fish and it was a good place for me to practice since I had never done it before.
1st snorkel practice

We could've stayed there all day if we knew the place was that awesome, but we had made other plans for the day that couldn't be cancelled. Plan such as kissing a dolphin :* (the one shown on the movie 50 First Dates)

Because Letícia had kissed a dolphin when she visited Mexico, she didn't want to join me on this but she was watching me and taking some extra pictures!
This place is called Sea Life Park and it cost me 120$+tax to touch and kiss the dolphin but there was no swimming with it. By the way, Lê and I gave up swimming with the sharks... just because Lol
After leaving the park, we took a bus to Kailua beach. On the way from the bus stop to the beach, we stopped at Island Snow for us to try Obama's favorite shave ice.
Kailua Beach - where
 "É o Tchan" filmed
their video clip
 "É o Tchan no Havaí"
We found also a Brazilian bikini store! Kailua is beautiful but it was almost sunset time then we went to the Lanikai Pillboxes to see the view from the top!
We had to take two buses back to the hostel and we had Subway for dinner before going to rest.
On Tuesday we left the hostel at 8am on a van that picked us up there. We bought the 10:30am Dolphin Excursion for 120$+tax (lunch included) each.
Now, this is a MUST DO thing if you visit Oahu! Seriously, we were enchanted to see many many wild dolphins swimming by us... yes, we swam in the middle of the ocean!
After seeing a lot of dolphins, the boat went farther for us to see some fish species and it seemed like we were inside an aquarium - we even saw a sea turtle!

"The Brazilians"
We split 55$ for the photographer to email us over 800 pictures she took that day, by the way, we were very impressed of how the employers love what they do. After lunch the van took us back to the hostel and it was only 3pm so we went to the Waikiki beach which was only a block away from our hostel!

The sunset in HI is incredible!
After watching the sun goes down, we went to get ready for our Hawaiian dinner at Duke's Waikiki. We let to make the reservation call a couple of hours before we planned on going... but if we had called a day before, we might had gotten a table outside. We didn't order sea food, the type of fish in the menu confused me a little bit Lol
We started the following day with an adventure: hiking! The Diamond Head is an inactive volcano for over 150,000 years. It took us about 1 and a half hour to go up and down. The view from its top is amazing and you can see the whole Waikiki... oh, and we took a taxi for only 3$ each :)
I took Brazil with me!
don't worry Mike... these
guys really fancy themselves!
On that same day we did something that is also a must do if you visit HI, we went to a Luau! We chose the Paradise Cove and it cost us 80$+tax(94) for the most simple package. The bus picked us up at 4pm and the Luau started at 5pm and lasted 3 hours. Dinner is included, the main course is a pork cooked for many hours in an underground oven. Before dinner is served you can walk around and do some arts and crafts like flower crown or bracelets and for the last hour we watched a great Hawaiian performance.
But it was our Thursday the most exciting day!! We woke up at 6am to be taken to the North of the island to do something we had been scared of the entire time - SKYDIVING =0
I signed so many pages saying I was acknowledged I could die because of this and that... that part was scary haha but having a very nice and expert on jumping from the highs instructor calmed me down so much that at my time, I felt relaxed and was able to enjoy every single second of the 5 minutes total it took me to skydive! Letícia did it too (she was the first one jumping!), actually it was her idea and I recommend, specially with the Hawaiian view. The total price for a student with tax and video/photos was 300$ (Pacific Skydive).
Sunset Beach - Pipeline
Since we were in the North Shore, we didn't take the van back to Waikiki, we stayed over there enjoying some of the beaches which take place famous surf contests during the winter because of the huge waves.
Also, it was there where we found Crispy Grindz, a Brazilian food truck that made our lunch very special and of course, delicious!
Ke Nui & Pukea Rd

We had açaí, pastelcoxinha and Guaraná =P
Before taking the bus back to the hostel, we stopped at Matsumoto, the Shave Ice store that became famous because of the movie 50 First Dates. The line was way too long and we didn't want to miss the bus, so we didn't try it...
in our hostel room
The next day was already the last one and we enjoyed once again the beautiful Waikiki beach.
I got my picture with the Duke Kahanamoku statue :) then we bought a float to go in the water and it was basically how our morning went... OMG how I miss that!
For lunch we had pizza (and pineapple juice!) at a bar/restaurant called Mai Tai and it's part of the Royal Hawaiian hotel, where everything is pink *-*
Also, it was ALOHA FRIDAY... every Friday the Hilton hotel in Waikiki have fireworks at 7:45pm to celebrate the beginning of the weekend!
Walking around Waikiki streets we found the Honolulu Cookie store, so yummy!
Well, since it was friday and our last night in Hawaii, we decided to go out... the club we went is called Addiction and you pay 10$ to get in (to see Asian people Lol - no offense!) .
And Saturday, July 4th, was the bye-bye day... 
We checked out at noon and went to ABC to buy souvenirs while waiting for the airport shuttle to pick us up.
Our Hawaiian flight left Honolulu at 3:20pm and only got to New York at 7am Sunday.
What to say about this trip? It was certainly the best place I've ever been so far in my life and I really hope to go back not only once more but many other times! I'm just so in love with this state ^^
I'm also in love with Cape Cop... right after Hawaii, I spent a week over there with the family I work for.
And I still think the bay tides are so cool... Delilah and I were drawing on the sand and an hour later our pictures were covered by the water! Plus, we always find pretty cool creatures on that beach:
It was on the beach where Liv learned how to clap! #adorable
and there's more... Noa can 'say' my name *-* #unbelievable
Yeah, they're just so sweet that sometimes I wish they were my own babies!
They turned 11 months! and OMG it has been already 10 months since I started working for them and I'm every day more glad I met this family :)
Antonio - 4mo
Anyways, there is another family being very much happier lately because of a baby... My friend Deborah and her hubby are certainly the happiest parents, Antonio is such a cute (and big!!) baby ^^
I couldn't believe I was holding a 4-month old baby when I went for a visit... He is as big as my girls are and they're 7 months a part! He is so handsome that mommy Deborah signed his up to participate of a baby's clothes brand photo shoot and he was picked :)
But wait a minute, Jack ins't my baby anymore but he's every day more handsome! And so is Jennifer getting even prettier with the time... She's back from sleep away Summer camp so I wanted to visit them but we ended up going to the pool just like I used to do in old times. It was fun, of course, and Jennifer and I were trying to teach Jack how to dive. We had dinner at the pool's restaurant before I drove them back home... #loveyouguys
So I went to the APIA orientation hotel, to meet my blogger friend, Tauana.
While waiting for her in the lobby, I saw an Au Pair from Germany being taken to the hospital, all because of the stress of getting in a new country... something I had never seen before happening.
Tauana and I
Natalia and I
Anyways, my friend got to the lobby and we went to get a picture in front of the Castle, in Tarrytown. I had gone there before with Letícia, this castle is well known in Brazil for the magazine Caras. Tauana is a lovely girl for Rio and it was a pleasure meeting her in person, she got me a Rio de Janeiro key chain, Trakinas and Leite de Moça!!
And so did my friend Natália! (except for the key chain - she's from Sao Paulo and I'm still missing a key chain from there). Nati and I went to Palisades mall after eating the hotel's pizza. We shopped at Forever 21! She's living on Long Island, kinda close to me, but Tauana is living in Virginia, which is not too far, so both of you are welcomed to come visit me whenever you want, I had a great time with you two :)
And my best friends Andressa and Letícia thanked Nati because our strawberries with the Leite Moça (condensed milk) were much more yummy! We had a special Friday night dinner at Lê's HF's house, we tried to tell Dessa about our trip to HI but OMG when we three are together there's always too much to talk about Lol
Powerpuff Girls!
Nicole, Carola and I
My new friend Carola, au pair from Italy I met 2 months ago in Boston, found another girl to join us on our next month trip! Nicole is an au pair as well, she's from South Africa and seems to be also very nice... Everything is set for our road trip and we three can't wait!
Talking about different cultures, Mike took me to an Amish Village in Pennsylvania.
The Amish people don't believe in the today's modern stuff, they still ride horses to places and they plant what they eat.
The restaurant was actually really good, the food tasted so fresh!
We were late for the winery but we might come back another time. Look at their little store:
This month we also tried Mexican food! What I most love was the dessert... churros =P
And look at the back ground of where we had dinner at another night... a casino! By accident we found the Sands Casino also in PA, we played some money and won 56$!
But this only happens once in a blue moon... 
Wait, we had a blue moon this month! It only happens once every three years, when the full moon happens twice in the same month :*


  1. Hello "Aunty Gi", I'm breathless here! Many nice places you've been to and full of fun things you've been doing! Wow!!! By the way, Noa and Liv are really sooo cute! And very smart! Lovely babies! So, I just stopped by to keep on wishing you all the best! Saudades mil! "Turminha de Indaiatuba" ;-)

    1. Ahh adoro quando a Turminha de Indaiatuba passa por aqui :) Mais 4 meses e estaremos matando a saudade e compartilhando as historias do nosso ano 2015! Obrigada pelo carinho e claro, tb desejo all the best pra vcs!! Bjoka

  2. Giii, ficaram lindas as fotos do Hawaii, minha nossa! Ate deu vontade de ir pra la hehe
    mas o que ganhou meu coracao mesmo nesse post foi tua baby falando teu nome *----*
    Inacreditavel!! hahaha coisa mais fofa, amei!

    1. Ai Duda, mas nao é? A Noa ta mto falante, ja tem umas 10 palavrinhas no vocabulario dela e não fez 1 aninho ainda! Mas ter falado meu nome como primeira palavra foi de querer me matar de tanta fofura e amor *-* Bjokas

  3. Giii!!! Loved to read about Hawaii. It was my dream to go there when I was little. And OMG, you skydived!!! I would love to, but I'm not brave enough lol
    I am talking to Natália since you introduced us :DD When I get to the US, we need to plan a road trip together lol :DD
    I didn't know Amish people still lived like old times. I watched a movie about them once, but I thought it was just fiction. I'm really impressed!

    1. Hi Nu.. Skydiving is awesome, you should try! =P
      That's so nice you and Nati are becoming friends! And sure! We can plan a trip together! But it gotta be this year because in 2016 I'll have to save $ for my wedding(s) Lol
      Can't wait for you to get here! Bjokas

  4. Oi Gisella!
    Hawaii é mesmo um paraíso! Se tiver oportunidade vá até a Big Island, é a minha ilha favorita!! Aproveite o restinho de verão!

    1. Oii ahh eu amei mesmo, quero mto voltar, ouvi dizer q Maui é mto linda tb mas depois vou ver no seu blog o q tem de bom na Big Island :) Aproveite o fim do verão tb! Bjoka

  5. Gi,
    Linda sua viagem, Havai parece sonho hahha - Daqueles que não nos cansamos de realizar hahha
    13 is a good number btw - I believe so hahhaa
    See you

    1. Oi Tha.. nossa e q sonho! vc bem q podia tentar ir pra lá tipo no fim do seu 2º ano sabe.. eh um $ mto bem investido viu! Bjokas

  6. Aloha!!!
    Primeiro: que praia mais liiindaa! Meu Deus... que sonho! Água limpinha, golfinhos...*---*
    E depois que...menina do céu, que corajosas vcs duas! Eu espero um dia ter essa coragem pra fazer skidiving!!! Haha!
    Essa foi com certeza uma viagem muito legal! ;D
    Nem preciso dizer que as babies estão lindas lindas né?!
    Adorei os vídeos e fotos... por falar nisso, jura que vc tirou foto até da guria sendo hospitalizada?! OMG...hahahaha!
    Beijinhos e boa semana! :D

    1. Aloha Thamy! sim, a agua parece cristalina... e eu nunca imaginei q iria ver tantos golfinhos juntos de uma vez.. ate baby dolphin! Ahh para, pular de paraquedas nao é tao radical assim rs sim, essa foi a melhor viagem da minha vida ate agora! (espero q minha lua de mel ano q vem supere!)
      Ps. tirei a foto escondidinha pra mostrar pra Tauana, mas como a "guria" tava cobrindo o rosto achei q nao teria problema por aqui hehe

  7. Nossa Gi que lugar lindooooooooooo, amei apenas pelas fotos.
    Obrigada pelo nosso encontro hahahaha again, espero te ver no Brazilian Day ihulllllll.

    1. Oi Nati ai tao lindo vc devia tentar ir! Eu q agradeco pelas coisinhas q vc me trouxe! E sim.. vamos super nos ver no BR-Day =] Bjokas

  8. Oi, Gi. Tudo bem? Nossa, quanto tempo não nos falamos. Eu sumi ou você? hahaha :p Nunca mais te vi online no whatsapp, trocou o número? Anyway... Que lugar lindo, meu Deus. Hawaii é um sonho mesmo, né!? As fotos estão maravilhosas, porém ao vivo deve ser mais do que perfeito. Como as gêmeas estão grandes e lindas. A Jennifer tá uma graça também... Nossa, ela sempre foi a minha favorita enquanto você escrevia sobre sua rotina com eles. Sobre o skydiving nem preciso falar nada... Que coragem. Não sei se conseguiria não, provavelmente não. Finalmente consegui um emprego. Na verdade vai fazer 3 meses já que tô trabalhando. Estou guardando cada centavo pra dar entrada no processo logo. Em maio do ano que vem faço 26 e tô apreensiva já. Mas vai dar tudo certo. Continue postando sempre... Fico ansiosa pra ler. Beijão!

    1. Oi Andreia nossa querida mto tempo mesmo adorei q vc apareceu por aqui! eu continuo c o mesmo nº sim BTW e vc? Ai sim, Havai é um paraíso menina.. ah a Jennifer ta uma mocinha ja ^^ PARABENS pelo seu job! feliz por vc, vai dar tudo certo logo vc comeca de vez o processo e chega aqui nos EUA!! (te acompanho no insta!) Bjokinhas td de bom!

  9. Amiga demorei mas estou comentando \o/
    Amei sua viagem, tudo lindo, lindas fotos, golfinhos ♥
    E pular de para quedas, meninaaa rs Isso é a cara do Carlos, eu sou medrosa hahaha
    E se prepara pra ganhar mais trakinas em dezembro hehehe E claro, outros mimos ♥ rs
    E claro que tenho que falar das fofuras de pequenos lindos ♥
    É muito amor ♥
    E ameiii a sua foto com o Mike.

    Beijos Beijos
    Fiquem com Deus

    1. ai amiga demorei mas estou respondendo lol
      nossa foi uma viagem inesquecível e para, vc devia acompanhar o Carlos e ir saltar de paraquedas com ele! Awwww 4 meses pra mais trakinas (ah não, minha amiga ta vindo mês q vem e vai me trazer mais 1 heh)
      as bebes estão ganhando o S2 de todo mundo neh
      Bjokinhas Bru (vou ler seu blog!) amem vc tb!

  10. Wooow! How many changes here! Now you are posting in English!! That's awesome! :)
    Eu não consegui mais acompanhar nenhum blog por mais de um ano eu acho :/ nem o meu eu não havia postado, agora estou voltando :))) e por isso resolvi voltar a ler também, separar um tempinho pra isso, já que gosto tanto!
    Guria, a última vez que li aqui, vc estava no final do seu programa de au pair, e namorando. Mas pelo que vi, você continua morando nos EUA. Ta estudando? Casou? Desistiu de voltar pro Brasil de vez? Aparece no meu pra me responder!! Lembro bastante de ti quando penso em blog...acho que era um dos blogs que eu mais lia, mas como vc escreve todo mês e eu fiquei muito tempo sem ler, não consigo me atualizar pelos teus posts, senão fico aqui um dia inteiro lento =PPP kkk!
    Ai, meu sonho é ir pro Hawaii. Tomara que um dia eu realize esse sonho, é tudo de bom, né? *-*
    Gente, acho super demais o estilo de vida dos Amish! Que legal que vc conheceu de perto! Eu nem sabia que eles recebiam gente pra visitar assim...vejo na TV uns programas sobre eles, acho super massa! Devem viver muito mais felizes e aproveitar muito mais a vida do que o povo que fica no pc o dia inteiro, não? rsrs é minha visão de longe, claro!
    E vou passar mais aqui! Tenho preguiça de escrever em inglês a essa hora da noite kkk mas achei o máximo ler blog em inglês :) é o primeiro - de pessoa + assunto que me interesso - que eu leio! :) that's great!


    1. Oi Clau nossa sumidissima vc! vou te responder no seu blog tb depois pq eu nossa tb dei uma boa diminuída em acompanhar os blogs por falta de tempo, soh não deixei de escrever aqui pra não perder o habito de registrar mensalmente e olha ja faz 1 ano q estou postando em inglês rs, uma forma de continuar improving e de ajudar de alguma forma as au pairs - ou não- a praticar o reading e compreensão neh =] Bom, eu continuei por aqui nos EUA.. fui pro BR ano passado e tirei o F1, estou fazendo facul aqui e Mike e eu estamos noivos! bom, depois falo isso pra vc la no seu blog pq eu sei q vc não vai ter tempo de voltar aqui pra ler isso hehe Bjoka

  11. Oiiii Gi tudo bem? To super sumida no mundo dos blogs rs, irei ler o seu agora tudo que eu perdi e já treinar meu inglês.
    Vi que você comentou no meu que mora perto de Hastings on Hudson né? Fico feliz que seremos vizinhas.
    Beijoooos linda vou procurar ser mais ativa aqui.

    1. Oie Dri td e vc? ahh q bom q ta de volta! e sim sim Hastings é super pertinho aqui! vamos tentar nos ver qdo vc chegar ta! Bjokas

  12. ola!!! tudo bom? vc tem um contato q veja sempre? rs sou au pair e estou quase no 13mes mas tenho algumas duvidas em relacao ao plano de saude e aos creditos, sera q vc conseguiria me exclarecer de acordo com suas experiencias, please??? thank youuuuu!!!