Wednesday, September 30

ex Au Pair, 15º mês | SC ☆ GA

Home sweet home (again)
Just like last September, it was once more, time to move! 
From Avenel in Pennsylvania 
to Avalon in New York. 
Mike has that kind of job you gotta live close to wherever the project is. He has been living in the suburb of Philadelphia for the past year. His next project will be in NY so we picked this apartment in Elmsford to live in for the next 12 (or maybe 24) months. I'm very happy because I finally got a place to call mine and it's located in Westchester county, where I started my American life as an Au Pair, and where I never left, except for my weekends, when I'd drive to PA to visit Mike. 
A year ago, when I returned from Brazil, I found the family I babysit for. On the day I completed 1 year of working for them, they got me a chocolate cake! I felt really special just like they are for me... now I won't have to spend 2 nights of the week at their house anymore but I'm grateful they had me there :) I'm also thankful Donna, Mike's Mom, had me at her house for the other days of the week for that long... But now, it's time to finally share a place with my fiancee :* (OMG the wedding is coming up!!!)
On our move-in day (for only me - Mike has until Oct 9th to leave his apartment in PA), we had to stop everything because Mike had got us tickets for the Yankee game! That day was also my boss' b-day so, happy birthday Leah!
Elmsford is very close to my favorite mall, Palisades. On a rainy Saturday, Mike and I spent it at the mall and didn't forget to have lunch at one of my favorite restaurants, Jonny Rockets
It was there, at Palisades, where I took my Brazilian neighbor, Fernanda, who got here as an Au Pair and of course, since now I'm living only 5 minutes away from the APIA hotel orientation, I went for a visit. She brought me some little stuff my Mom sent me and she was a great company for my lucky sale shopping day! I hope you're having a great time with your host family and enjoying living in CT :)
State Flags: MN. NJ and NY
Fernanda visited my new place, and so did my best friends! We had pizza here... But it was in the City where I wore my sale dress I got with Fernanda that other day.
Andressa did a research on some graffitis in Soho and you can check the actual addresses of these 3 ones on my Instagram (@gisellan) - we still have to go back to find the black/white butterfly...

Guess who I met that day? 
My blogger friend, Nuara! She came to America this month also as an Au Pair and she is living on Long Island... We had a little time in NYC but it wasn't enough! We all went to Forever 21 to take funny pictures at their famous Photo Booth but really, I'm not happy with the results so I won't post it here :( Maybe next time we will try again, my friends and I have to go back anyways because Leticia needs her picture with the naked cowboy and he literally, disappeared right in front of our eyes that day! Lol At least I finally got to see the HOPE sculpture...
My other friend, Alice, was my company for the trip of the month! As the title of this post says, we visited two new states; South Carolina and Georgia!
On a Saturday morning, Alice flew from Pittsburg and I did from JFK but we both had a stop in Charlotte, NC where we met and on the same flight, we went to our final destination, Savannah/Hilton Head airport. There we rented a tiny car so we could drive ourselves to the Hilton Head Island. We spent our first day relaxing on the beach at the Beach House Resort... we got our nails done and enjoyed a nice dinner with live music and fire - we were twining for the night! *-*
Next day, Sunday, after breakfast, we checked out and drove to the Wormsloe Historic Site, a beautiful plantation place with so many live oak and coastal trees that are considered native trees of Georgia. We also went to the famous Bonaventure Cemetery, yes you read it right, a cemetery! In a such beautiful setting... The intention was to see the Bird Girl from that book and movie "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" but the statue has been moved to the Telfair Museum since 1994 haha
In downtown Savannah, we decided to park the car and take a sightseeing tour. We chose the Old Town Trolley and we highly recommend them... There were 16 stops and we were able to hop on and off whenever we wanted to! Savannah is very historic and surpassed my expectations...
Sunday evening, we flew together, again to Charlotte, NC and then to our respective airports. It was an awesome weekend and a great way to celebrate Alice's birthday that is coming up next month and also her new job!!! She's going to be trained to work for American Airlines, Alice is about to become a flight attendant =] Congrats Lika, and good luck - you deserved it! ^^
The birthday boy of September was my always little Jack, that isn't little anymore, he turned 8! I missed his party because I was on my trip but now I get to see him twice a week because I'm back helping my ex-host family for an hour and a half each day in the morning before they all 5 go to school :)
Antonio had his half birthday this month! My friend Deborah's boy is now sending kisses!!! He is also taking swimming lessons, can you believe it?
I'm also taking swimming lessons! School is back and this Fall besides my 4 academic classes, I signed up for sports; Swimming and Ballet! (on Sundays because I'm working 51 hours per week + 12 college credits!) But it's nice... next month I'll try to post a picture of my ballet classes (Thamy helped me choosing my ballet shoes, thx!). School is also back for Asher and Delilah! Asher started 2nd grade and Delilah is a pre-K! My baby girls turned 13 months and now the real fun is starting to happen! Liv and Noa liked my twin dolls b-day present ^^ excited for some Fall activities!!!