Saturday, October 31

ex Au Pair, 16º mês | LA ☆ MS ☆ AL

Trip or Treat!
In this beautiful October, Mike and I had another fun traveling experience! We visited New Orleans, Louisiana; Gulfport, Mississippi; and Mobile, Alabama.
On a Saturday early morning, we flew from NY to NOLA (that's how New Orleans, LA is more known for!) but as soon as we landed, we needed to exchange our flight tickets for the way back on the next day due to the hurricane Patricia that had just reached Mexico and was on its way there =0 We freaked out a little Lol but tried to keep calm and enjoy our time =) We rented a car and drove to Hilton hotel very close to French Quarter / Jackson Square where everything else is around. When checking in, Mike asked the receptionist for a nice restaurant suggestion, and following his advice, we had lunch at Deanie's Seafood and we LOVED IT!
While eating, we discussed about our itinerary: how could we drive to the other 2 states on Sunday if now we had to be at the airport 2 hours earlier than we had planned? So, we came up to "Let's do that today."
Then, as soon as we finished lunch, we were on the road crossing Mississippi to get to the one of the three biggest cities in Alabama. We chose Mobile for this reason and for being right at the boarder and also because my best, Andressa, loves a TV show that mentions Mobile all the time :) The place we went to was the Battleship Memorial Park, with a military history and collection of aircrafts used during wars. There is also a museum but it was closed.

We wanted to check out Mobile downtown and it is pretty nice, very quiet but nice. I spotted an ice cream store so we stopped to taste their local delicious (very cheap) ice cream before start driving back to Mississippi.
Gulfport was the little town we picked to spend our evening in MS. We walked around Jones Park - where there was a kids Halloween party going on - and then we went to Half Shell to have dinner. The food was great but Mike got really surprised with the blue drink he got! Btw the drinks weren't good at that restaurant...
We drove back to Louisiana and we made it on time to see some people on the streets dressed up with costumes from the parade we missed in NOLA - but not really because earlier that day we got to see all the cars from the parade, as Mike said, it was like watching a parade without the people. We filmed, check it out: 
We were exhausted Saturday night, so we decided to rest. When we woke up Sunday, it was raining :( Trying not to let the rain ruin our trip, with the umbrellas we brought, we walked to Cafe du Monde for breakfast. My friend Ana Paula has been to NOLA and told me that eating the beignets at that place was a must do over there, so we did - and LOVED it!
From there, we went to a Voodoo museum... NOLA is also known for it. We paid $5 to see a couple of rooms with a lot of scary stuff, I took a short video to post here: 

Mike and I had planned to take a carriage tour that leaves from the St. Louis Cathedral, but because of the rain, it couldn't happen... so we went to the Mardi Gras World, on a 20$ tour inside their studio where all the magic from the parades is made - it really reminds me of the Brazilian carnival. The shuttle dropped us off at the very famous Bourbon St and we had my favorite lunch so far in America! That street is awesome - okay, let me correct it - that whole place is awesome. Seriously, New Orleans became part of my top 5 places to visit in the US. We visited some souvenirs stores at the French Market and before returning the car, we stopped at St Louis Cemetery Number One. Everything in NOLA is different and cool! We need to go again.
Something else Mike and I have done this month together: going apple picking! It was his mom, Donna's birthday that Sunday, so she came with us and helped us picking not only apples but also a nice pumpkin to decorate our new apartment's front door. By the way, sharing a place with Mike has been so far just wonderful! 
Another person with the same birthday as Donna, is my friend Alice, who became a flight attendant... so proud! :*
And Thais also blew candles this month, from a surprise birthday party her best friend Gabi organized for her!
And there Gabi is, taking professional amazing pictures of me *-* Isn't she great?!!

All these pictures
were taken at my
College, WCC

I wrote here last month that in this beautiful Fall, I'm signed up for sports at my college, swimming and ballet... I'm so glad I'm finally learning how to swim Lol and even more glad I'm back to ballet ^^
Talking about my college, this month I had my first group project. We had to visit a school and do an observation for over an hour and then write down a description as well as a reflection connecting the school program to the theories we've discussed in class. Whitby is a Montessori school and I could not picture myself working with such a program... Now I need to select one school for my internship that I will start next year :)
But the only group that I really enjoy the company is my real friends one!
Leticia, Andressa and I went again to Soho in NYC to search for the famous butterfly, and we fount it!
After Soho - btw we ran into Juliana over there again - we got a little bit lost in the subway trying to get to Central Park, and now that it's getting dark very early, we didn't have enough day light for pictures in there...
So we went to Times Square! And we tried again the Forever 21 photobooth and it was a lot better this time :*
My other 2 favorite girlfriends are still
Liv and Noa! Now, 14 months old Noa finally learned how to walk... I have 3 videos of her. 
Liv is incredible lovely, she loves everyone, she's always smiling =D They've been having a lot of playdates lately because now Liv and Noa go to school, twice a week, so they made friends!
Here is Asher, their big brother, singing for them, he's so great with the girls. And these are my cute videos of the month:
And look how cute Liv (as Dorothy), Noa (as a lion), Delilah (as a purple butterfly), and Asher (as an Umpire) were dressed for Halloween!
And guess who this other lion is? The 7mo baby Antonio, Deborah's son!!! #cute
What about this scary vampire? Jennifer... at the flu shot haloween party I go to ever year with my ex host family.
Lauren gave her first  flu shot ever, in her mom! She wants to become a doctor like her parents and she has the opportunity to be practicing since now.
Kristen is now applying for colleges... I wish she gets into NYU (so she stays close to her boyfriend who goes to Columbia also in NYC!)
To finish, here is me with Lê  being super heroes at the night of Halloween, my favorite one since 2012. Btw we ran into Juliana at Lavo too! Lavo is the best, do you wanna join me there for my birthday on Dec 18th? Inbox me on Instagram!