Monday, February 29

#2 Maid of Honor ♥

Will you be my Maid of Honor?!
The Maid of Honor is usually the bride's or the groom's sister... Well, I don't have a sister and neither does Mike. Then, I had to think of a close friend, someone who would know when to tell me what I want to hear and when to be brutally honest. My closest friend here in America is, of course...
I am so glad I have her as my best friend and I'm also very happy she accepted taking this important position for our wedding :*
Andressa, or Dessa, how I usually call her, is Brazilian as well, and her family lives in Indaiatuba, my hometown! She's almost 26, my brother's age, and she has a twin sister, just like the twin girls I babysit ^^ 
Dessa used to be an Au Pair, just like me! And today she still lives with her host family, but has a student visa and attends college classes, just like me!
Even though she lives in New Jersey, we are only half hour away from each other and we try to get together whenever we both have time. What we most love doing together is spending time in NYC - more than half of this time is taking pictures! =)

Now, let's talk about some of Dessa's responsibilities before and on our day:

Dessa is my right-hand and before the wedding, she will coordinate the bridesmaids' activities, such as meetings for the dress fitting; she will organize the bridal shower and our bachelorette party! Dessa is my second pair of eyes, so she will need to help us with tasks like addressing the invitations and keeping records of gifts, as well as providing emotional support as needed...
On the wedding day, Dessa will help me getting dressed (taking care to frequently remind me that I look beautiful!) and will accompany me to the ceremony. She will arrange my veil and make sure all the bridesmaids look good, too. Dessa will be the last bridesmaid to walk down the aisle before the flower girls and me. She will hold my bouquet at the altar and during my vows.
At the reception, Dessa will dance with the best man, make a speech, and organize the bridesmaids for formal pictures. She will also collect gift envelopes. Before we leave for our honeymoon, Dessa will help me change, and make certain my dress and bouquet are kept safe until we return!

Thank you, Dessa!