Thursday, March 31

#3 Best Man ♥

by Mike :)
Hey guys, this is the first time I'm writing for Gi's blog that is now ours, I guess... and I'm here to talk about my brother, I mean, my Best Man. I don't know if Gisella has ever mentioned here but I have 3 younger brothers - no sisters - so I invited the oldest after me,
I just really hope he won't party too hard after the rehearsal dinner because I need him to make it to the ceremony after all.
Danny and I - Of course I'm the cuter tallest.
Like the Maid of Honor, Andressa, to Gisella, Daniel, or Danny- as he's more known like, will be my biggest source of support. Oh yeah, Gi wants me to talk a little bit about him: Danny will be 26 in a few months and he's current single (ok Andressa?)

Okay, so here are some of his duties through all the stages of the wedding:

Danny will organize my bachelor-party!!;)
He will help coordinate the groomsmen's formalwear fitting, pick up my attire before the ceremony, and orchestrate the toasts at the rehearsal dinner.
Danny will make sure I get to the church on time (only Gisella can be late!) and will bring the rings, and he'll be the commander-in-chief of the groomsmen brigade.
Afterward, he will TRY to organize the groomsmen for formal pictures - Dessa, please help him. He will dance with the Maid of Honor... Give a speech. Finally, he will make sure the getaway car is ready and after the celebration, he sees that all rented formalwear is returned. #easypeasylemonsqueezy, Danny!