Thursday, March 31

#3 Best Man ♥

by Mike :)
Hey guys, this is the first time I'm writing for Gi's blog that is now ours, I guess... and I'm here to talk about my brother, I mean, my Best Man. I don't know if Gisella has ever mentioned here but I have 3 younger brothers - no sisters - so I invited the oldest after me,
I just really hope he won't party too hard after the rehearsal dinner because I need him to make it to the ceremony after all.
Danny and I - Of course I'm the cuter tallest.
Like the Maid of Honor, Andressa, to Gisella, Daniel, or Danny- as he's more known like, will be my biggest source of support. Oh yeah, Gi wants me to talk a little bit about him: Danny will be 26 in a few months and he's current single (ok Andressa?)

Okay, so here are some of his duties through all the stages of the wedding:

Danny will organize my bachelor-party!!;)
He will help coordinate the groomsmen's formalwear fitting, pick up my attire before the ceremony, and orchestrate the toasts at the rehearsal dinner.
Danny will make sure I get to the church on time (only Gisella can be late!) and will bring the rings, and he'll be the commander-in-chief of the groomsmen brigade.
Afterward, he will TRY to organize the groomsmen for formal pictures - Dessa, please help him. He will dance with the Maid of Honor... Give a speech. Finally, he will make sure the getaway car is ready and after the celebration, he sees that all rented formalwear is returned. #easypeasylemonsqueezy, Danny!


  1. Hello bold and dearest couple! It is really going to be an honour to be present at both the ceremony and the party right afterwards! Thank you all for sharing these amazing moments with us. Looking forward to being there and possibly take some Brazilian joy and heat to this important celebration of your lives! PS: By the way, good luck Dressa and Danny! You'll certainly do great, and everything will be alright! Congratulations!

  2. Olha só o Mike aqui gentee :)
    Que legal :)
    Parabéns pra vcs, ansiosa pra ver vcs de noivos :)
    Bençãos sempre na vida de vocês.

  3. Haha so nice!!! First time you wrote here and it looks like you have a great sense of humor!!! All the best for you and Gisella! :)

  4. Hi Mike and Gi... It's very nice to see Mike writing a post here... A wish a very good luck to Danny and Dessa! Certainly this will be a very happy moment at your wedding day! And I wish all the best things to you and Gisella, God bless you two! :D