Saturday, April 30

#4 Bridesmaids & Groomsmen ♥

Gisella's Party
Because our wedding will happen in the USA, we are following the American style... and in an American wedding, the bride (me!) can have as many Bridesmaids as she wishes up to 12. Wow, can you imagine 12 girls standing next to me? I decided going for half of it, choosing 6 amazing girls! Sisters and cousins usually beat out friends for Bridesmaid status, which is fair because they need to be people who will still be in my life after I've thrown out that last chunk of frozen wedding cake!

So girls, you're a support team for the Maid of Honor. Your main role as Bridesmaids is to assist Andressa with her wedding-planning tasks when asked, and help me as I need :) The tasks are like addressing invites, making bridal shower favors (and contribute to the cost!), and to plan my bachelorette party - which we'll need to have it twice since 4 of you are under the age of 21, and the ones old enough get to go to Las Vegas! (PS: Dessa will invite a few friends to join us there on Thanksgiving weekend!!)
You girls will, of course, walk in the processional and recessional (holding each of you a cute flower bouquet). During the reception, you will dance with the Groomsmen and other important guests. And don't forget that the Bridesmaids are often expected to hit the dance floor running and play surrogate hostesses to guests.
Let's have fun and look pretty in pink, girls!!! *-*

Mike's Party
Well, I had to follow the number of girls Gi chose to be her Bridesmaids and pair them up! So, I'll have 6 guys as my Groomsmen, who usually are brothers, cousins, and old friends.

My crew have very few responsibilities before the wedding. Mainly, you guys should help the Best Man plan and host (and pay!) for my bachelor party making sure all of my friends will be there at the night before my big day :)
Besides supporting the Groom (me!), you should periodically check with Danny to see if you can handle any other tasks about planning and preparing for my day. And oh, you will get fitted for a fabulous tuxedo, so please be responsible for picking up your clothing from the formalwear shop.
On the wedding day, my Groomsmen need to arrive early at the church, being ready to greet (and perhaps seat) guests. You will be involved in the wedding, dancing not only with the Bridesmaids but also with dateless ladies at the reception... please act as a resource for confused guests, so of course you're expected to remain at the reception for its entire duration. Finally, it would be nice if you decorate the gateway car... #justsaying

Take a look at our teams:

Andressa & Daniel
You already know them, she's the Maid of Honor and he's the Best Man.

Alice & Anthony
She is the Bride's friend and he is the Groom's brother.

Kristen & Andrew
She was the Bride's Host-Sister and he is the Groom's brother.

Lauren & Anthony
She was also the Bride's Host-Sister and he is the Groom's cousin.

Sandra & Alex
They're siblings and the Groom's cousins.

Adrianna & Matthew
She is the Groom's cousin and he was the Bride's Host-Brother.

We'd love to have my brother Rodrigo as part of our parties! but we're still waiting for his visa process... If he gets it, he'll join in Mike's crew and I'll need to look for a 7th girl! #anyvolunteers? :)