Tuesday, May 31

#5 Children & Pre-Teens ♥

Flower Girls & Ring Bearer
Because I know a lot of children and I love them all, in my wedding there will be a position and a job for each of them!
Livia and Noa are the adorable twin sisters that I've been babysitting since they were basically born. Now, they are almost 2 years old and I definitely chose them to be my "Daminhas de Honra" or "Noivinhas" as we say in Brazil *-* So, they will dress in white, looking pretty much like me and will walk ahead of me during the processional carrying each of them a handmade doll (a special gift from a special friend, Ju). They'll sit with their parents after completing their stroll. I didn't want to call them as my Flower Girls, because their older sister, Delilah, who is 4, will be the girl walking down the aisle carrying a pretty basket with flower petals that I wish she could scatter them in my path, but my church does't allow it... Not to be confused with the junior bridesmaids, she will wear the same color dress as them but hers will be more age-apropriate. Her brother, Asher, who will be 8, is my Ring Bearer. He will accompany the Flower Girl down the aisle carrying a small decorative satin pillow with our two wedding bands tied on it. The Maid of Honor and Best Man will take the rings off the pillow and will give them to me and Mike. All of these 4 siblings will be included in the wedding rehearsal so that they are comfortable with their role. And we expect their parents to attend the rehearsal dinner, too!
Junior Bridesmaids & Junior Groomsmen
They are usually young members of the wedding party, aged 9-13. I have one couple and Mike has another one! Jennifer and Jack are the pre-teens I used to take care when I was their Au Pair. Jennifer is 11 and Jack will be 9. Same ages as Tina and Mickey, Mike's youngest cousins! They will attend all major functions, but of course not the bachelor/bachelorette party. The girls will wear less-sexy versions of the Bridesmaid dresses in the same color and fabric and the boys may don a tuxedo like the big guys. They will be the first ones walking down the aisle and the girls will be carrying a pretty bouquet.