Thursday, June 30

#6 Choosing Vendors ♥

I said YES to the Dress!
You have to make a lot of decisions when planning a wedding choosing your dress, flowers, food, cake, champagne, music, favors or guest gifts, venue, decor, printed items, photography & videography, reception, transportation, drinks, honeymoon... and more! For everything to fit in your budget, we learned to pick our top 3 priorities and also to try to cut out things that are not really important.
One of our top 3 priorities is all about me, it's of course, my dress! 
So, this June, I counted with the help of my maid of honor, Andressa and 2 of my bridesmaids, Kristen and Lauren - and my Mom on FaceTime! - to say YES to my Wedding dress at the store of the TV show Say yes to the dress in NYC, Kleinfeld BridalIt was a fun memorable experience and I totally felt the dress I picked was going to be The Dress as soon as I put it on! Unfortunately, I can't share any pictures of it or give much details because I want Mike to have no idea of what he will see at the altar on the day of our wedding *-*
Another priority is more about Mike, our Sweet Honeymoon! I was so sure we were going to travel to Europe, but lately Mike started to research some warm places, so we might end up going to an island, we're not really sure anymore...
Our 3rd priority comes from both of us, the Photographer & Videographer. Pictures and videos are really the only things left after the wedding is over so we want to make the right choice. We have seen a few places but we're in love with Dreamlife Photo & Cinema, we're waiting for them to accept our offer since we have a strict budget for all of our vendors. (UPDATE- YES, it worked out with them!)

Not a priority however essential, the decoration, flowers & bouquets are picked! Andressa and I met Wayne and became impressed with all his experience and talent. Thanks to my college friend Robin, her parents own Homestead Florist so she suggested to look into their services. The color theme will be light pink, white and silver and the main flower is rose. Wayne will know what to do! (and it's right on budget!)

Choosing a DJ has been harder than I thought (UPDATE- we chose Jimmy Dee!). As well as a hairstylist (UPDATE- we chose Eclipse!) and all the infinite things I have to book over the Summer while I'm on break from college, so I better hurry! See you next month with more updates :)


  1. Hi Gi...
    Uhull... I am happy that you 'said yes to your dress'! Hahaha!
    I am sure that is a very beautiful dress, and certainly you will be a very beautiful bride (like a princess, Cinderella of course ;) Hahaha!
    Good luck with the preparations.

  2. Ficará ainda mais linda de noiva 😍