Sunday, July 31

#7 Save the New Wedding Date ♥

Not everything always goes the way we planned
This month we needed to come up with a Plan B. My Mom went for the 3rd time to try to get her visa to come to the USA, this time for our wedding, and she was once again, denied. We were devastated and I really thought about just canceling everything. Until my boss came with the idea of using the Thanksgiving weekend to go have the Church Ceremony in Brazil, with my Mom and family! We are keeping the 17th of December for our Wedding Party with Mike's family and our friends here, in the US. 
So now, I'm planning 2 weddings! It's a bit of stress but over there, we will only have 50 guests which makes it simpler, and I can count with the help of my Mom and of my 4 bridesmaids Brazil: Letícia, Kéti, Talíta and Danielle!
My brother will now be one of the groomsmen and hopefully all the three of Mike's brothers can go to BR with their Mom! 
Even though it is horrible the fact that I can't have my Mom coming for the wedding here, there are a lot of positive sides with both weddings: I can get to celebrate it with everyone I wanted to; and I get to wear my wedding dress twice! (in 2 different seasons, Summer time and Winter time!)
There won't be a church ceremony here in the USA, but we'll still have at the reception place, a special entrance with our parties and we'll try to exchange our vows (since we don't do it in BR).
A lot of changes, but Mike and I want to remember this in the future as a happy experience =)
This July, we took the pre-cana, a marriage preparation course for the Catholic Church - and we really hope our certificate will be accepted in BR!
Here are some pictures of the Church Nossa Senhora de Lourdes in Heltévia in my hometown, Indaituba. The reception is right next to the church:
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August is my last college break month and I need to use it to finish all the details of both weddings... I will share in the next post how I did it :*

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  1. Hi Gi...
    As I said to you before, I am sorry for your mom's visa... It's a very important moment for you and it's not good when we don't have a special person like our mom with us in this special day. But certainly this 2 weddings will be very nice and will be very happy moments!!! :D I want to know everything about it ;) hahaha! The church and the reception look like very beatiful in the pictures!
    Beijinhos and good luck! :D