Monday, October 31

#10 Bridal Shower ♥

On Saturday, Oct 22nd...
I had my Bridal Shower! It is a gift-giving party held for a bride-to-be in anticipation of her wedding.
In Brazil we call it as "Chá de Cozinha", the gifts are usually Bed Bath n' Table which means that they're not for the bride's personal use, but for her house and her married life.
I rented the clubhouse of the condominium where I live and we started the shower at noon. As the guests arrived, they were receiving a plastic ring from my Flower Girl, Delilah, as part of one of our games. Then, each guest dropped off their recipes they brought me for my cookbook to my Jr. Bridesmaids, Tina and Jennifer, where they were also leaving notes for Mike and I to open on our 1st anniversary and grabbing a sign to take a picture with me!
After everybody ate their sandwiches (thanks to guest Ethel), salad (thanks to guest Florence) and fruits (thanks to guest Nancy), my Maid of Honor started our 1st game, "Meet Team Bride".
My team has so many girls and Andressa asked each of them to give her a picture of them from when they were babies... and I had to guess who were who!!! For each wrong guess I had to pick with my toes one plastic ring from a bucket filled with ice! And I had to do it so many times because it was super hard to find out how each girl looked like when they were babies!
The 2nd game was much easier, "How well do you know the bride?". I gave to each guest a form with a few questions about me and whoever scored higher would sit next to me on the Special Guest seat for the rest of the shower. Guess who won it...
My Flower Girl Delilah! She really is my BFF:)
The 3rd game was called "He said, She said". Alice asked Mike some questions such as "who said I love you first?" before the shower. She had his answers. Then, she asked me the same questions to see if my answers would be the same as his. All the guests also participated holding a tiara for if the answer was "Gisella" and a mustache for if the answer was "Mike". I was blindfolded so I couldn't see the guests answers before I answered.
At the end, we could say that we know each other well since more than half of the questions were the same. But because I did have some different answers, I had to put on lipstick and go kiss a picture of Mike hung on the wall.
The goal was for me to kiss his lips, but because I kissed his chin instead, Andressa didn't give me a chocolate...
The 4th game was "What's on your phone?". The Bridesmaid Lauren handed the guests a list with things they should have on their phones in order to score points. The guest with the higher score would win a nice prize. My friend Marva won!
The 5th game was called "Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Challenge" and it was my favorite! 
We divided the guests into 5 groups and each Bridesmaid was the model of each group. The guests had to make them a wedding dress made of toilet paper and guess who were the judges?
Us! Tina, Jennifer, Delilah and I. It was very difficult to pick our favorite one since the guests worked very hard in all of the dresses... They all looked incredible beautiful!
Take a look at them:
But we needed a winner... So, by eliminations, the winner was the Bridesmaid Adrianna from the group of my babysitter friends Nona, Deborah, Nube and Marva! They four won a bag of popcorn that said "He Popped the Question!".
We all enjoyed our dessert, the delicious cupcakes (thanks to guest Leah) while I was enjoying bubble gum when opening my gifts... Ok, I'll explain. It was time for the 6th game, "Bridal Bingo", and I had to guess which guest gave the gift I was about to open. Every time I was wrong, I had to add a piece of gum in my mouth... at the end, it was almost impossible to chew (or talk!). Nona bingo first and won!
I love all my gifts, thank you to all my guests, your presence was even more appreciated! But it wasn't over just yet...
Remember I said my Flower Girl gave a plastic ring to each guest when they arrived? Well, the game was "Put a ring on it". If a guest said the words "Bride" or "Wedding" other guests who heard it could steal that person's ring... At the end of the shower, the guest with more rings would win a prize and guess who won it? Delilah!!! Because she knew well her own game, she was very aware of the people who were saying the 2 words, so she got 10 rings and a prize!
I had the BEST time and I could not have done any of this without the help of my TEAM! And a special thanks to my guest Talita, who was on FaceTime with my Mom during the shower ♥ Thank you girls!!!
Lauren, Alice, Andressa, me!, Sandra, Adrianna, Jennifer, Delilah and Tina!
My Bachelorette Party!
That same day, I mean, night... I celebrated with some of my friends my "last night as a single lady". My Maid of Honor Andressa was responsible of driving me back home since I was allowed to drink that night! Lol
These girls stayed after the bridal shower and we got ready together. Of course we went to New York City and of course I chose LAVO, my favorite nightclub in the world! We had a game for the night, a dare-to-do-list and whoever win it, the prize was a dollar from all the other girls. Checkout the crazy list:
Andressa making sure I WAS drinking!
There we met four other girls and we planned to wear black! It was a very fun night but I can't really say much because "what happens in a bachelorette party, stays in the bachelorette party!" haha I can say that the winner was Sirlei!!! hahaha
I don't really remember how we got back home or of me taking this "after" picture but I know I had a great time and hope you all girls had too! :)
The next day, Sunday, I went to Central Park with the girls who slept over... the winner Sirlei and her friend Sabrine, both from DC area... Lika from Philly/Ohio and Nuara and Bianca from my area! There I took my Fall picture, the last one of the year to complete my "same spot seasonal picture":) the only one I look very tired!
My Bridesmaid Kristen could not make it to my Bridal Shower because it was parent visit day at her college, NYU. So, since she lives in the city, she met me a week later for one of my wedding dress fittings! 
"The Kristen" in front of Kleinfeld